Come Hang Out With Amanita Dreamer
2021 Winter Solstice Retreat


We celebrate each solstice with ceremonies and classes. The solistice celebration was born by listening to the mushrooms. They reminded me of a time, before we forgot. Our ancestors prepared for months, making tools and gifts and things to share and trade. They journeyed for days to the gathering place. And with all the tribes together, they played, discussed plans, ate good food and on the solstice, took amanita, danced and drummed around the fire and asked the elders for wisdom.

Our bodies know, our ancestors did this for thousands of years. The mushrooms said they miss us, they miss this and that we need it too. I feel it in my bones. And so, I create this celebration once again. 


Schedule of Events


Dec 17 The hut becomes available to rent a bed the day before the ceremony.   To book a bed for Friday night before the                           event, contact (information coming soon)

                        Also available is jagua temporary ink (2-3 weeks), sacred body paint ceremony. Bookings are usually 2 hours so                                contact her soon before she fills up in advance of the ceremony. She is also taking bookings for after the retreat if                            you want to stick around.  





The following schedule is all inclusive, food and lodging and materials for all events and classes.

Dec 18

Arrival 12 noon

2pm- Tie dying an Amanita Winter Solstice shirt

5pm- Amanita Dreamer arrives with dinner

6pm- Call to ceremony

          Use amanita and summon the elders

          Drum ceremony

9pm- Fire circle drums, instruments and play

Dec 19

8am- Breakfast

10am- Sessions begin

           Discussion/processing the drum ceremony

11am- Class by Gerson

11:30am- How to start a drum circle in your community by Amanita Dreamer

12pm- How to use a singing bowl by Amanita Dreamer

12:30- Lunch

1:30- Drum ceremony for intentions

2:30- End of event, mingle, share, clean, whatevah! 

Winter Solstice Retreat With Amanita Dreamer
Dec 18, 12:00 PM EST – Dec 19, 2:00 PM EST
Bartow County,
Red Top Mountain, Georgia 30121, USA