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February 10th

The store opens and we have our first ever smoking amanita, dance party by zoom in my member community (My version of Patrons)

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We will be smoking amanita and dancing while I play DJ. We start easy and build to some heavy dance tunes. All decades and genres. This is open to members of all Tiers or levels. Join by zoom, keep your camera off or on. Dance around the room or in your seat or just use chat and hang out with us. Goes for about 2 hours. See ya there!

Feb is love month and amanita is the heart mushroom and Paris is the city of love. I was fortunate enough to procure French Amanitas and I used them to make products for the store this month. They are in short supply.

February 14th

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Some of us might be lonely this love month and have a hard time with this holiday. So join me by zoom while we hang out and talk about loving ourselves. I will pull each person a Note From The Universe card on love and connections. This is a community member event.


There are no ceremonies on the calendar currently. Please read and watch what's here to learn more about solstice and equinox ceremony/parties with Amanita muscaria.


Have you ever listened to Nordic music and wished you could see it live? Ever watched video of tribal dancing around a fire, odd and angry faces, that deep pulsing primal feeling and wished you could be a part of it? Ever wanted to walk with ancient elders and learn how to hear their wisdom? Ever wanted to use an ancient drug to trance out and see what our human ancestors have seen for thousands of years?

With the Amanita experience you can! Join Amanita Dreamer for an evening of an ancient ritualistic practice as she works to return this ceremony to the humans again. Most cultures and tribes have journeyed like this with this mushroom but the practice has all but been forgotten. Come learn how to bring it back by doing it once again.

This is not pagan or witchcraft or of any dogma or belief system. It is completely open to everyone with all beliefs and no belief system will be provided. We seek the mushroom elders and ourselves. We will walk in the underworld, listen to the elders, seek the shadow and remove it, find our solidarity and power through kindness, love and original birthright, give gifts to those around us, practice magical time travel to ordain our destiny and do it all with drumming in a trance state guided by Amanita Dreamer.