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All society talks about is "love yourself". But what is self love really?  Is it really necessary or even possible? Don't you have to heal first? Why do people say it's important? How is self love going to replace love from a special person in our lives?

Many of us have been abandoned, maybe we are lonely, crave a lover or other. Many are dealing with childhood trauma and wounds and fear even trying to find a new relationship. And many of us give too much inside relationships. We work toward self love, but don't don't seem to get there. Could it be because it is misnamed, we are misled, and all of this is done without the most important tool, the mushrooms and their power?

 I want to share what the amanita so lovingly gave me along the way and how I melded their work with this work and how I came to understand power and love are synonymous. How does grieving fit in this? Can amanita help?

In this 3 hour workshop we are going to discuss all of this, learn how the amanita work inside us to create it. We will discuss myths, programming, realities, consciousness, and challenge current dogmatic ideas surrounding self love.

I will be giving you practical exercises, activities and permissions to breathe, to help you learn how to use the mushroom toward goals, how to actually walk out the other side of this with something most people would call self love and how to actually accomplish it. I walk you through diagnostic, exercises and practical step by step instructions for finally building the relationship to your inner self that most people call self love.

This class is prerecorded and made available for you to purchase and watch. It is access for 1 month. Take notes, come back and watch again for clarity and get ready to learn how to relax and discover yourself in a way you didn't think was possible.

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Self Love Class
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