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Amanita Dreamer began working with Amanita muscaria in 2019 when the mushroom saved her life. She saw that the information online about this mushroom was harmful and full of misinformation and hard to find.  She dedicated her life to helping to correct this. Her work has grown into a website with hundreds of educational videos, a full line of muscaria products, a healing community, trusted sourcing, solstice ceremonies each year, the documentary she is currently filming and her new book, Dosing Amanita Muscaria And What To Expect.
Dreamer travels the world sharing the depth, spiritual beauty, mental and emotional impacts and medicinal value of the Amanita muscaria and is working to fix its place among the psychedelic medicines. Developing nomenclature for its use, protocols for safety and standards for the field, she hopes to establish the muscarias in healing fields as standard medicine.  She has developed new ideas and understandings about what psychedelics are, how time works, where mushrooms intervene and how we evolve with these entities to claim our divine power as sentience among the living things on Planet Earth. She continues to research, develop theories and push scientific exploration into the understanding of how muscarias work in our lives, the ecosystem and our bodies. She believes that tripping for fun should also be part of our experiences here, and that earth based medicines and spiritual practice are not separate from the science and that we are whole complex beings embracing all of these facets of human existence. Welcome!


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Links to podcasts, workshops and other public appearances or articles. Hang out and spend some time listening. Check out the venues or hosts and their platforms. Maybe something new will resonate with you!

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I go through citations, scholarly research and science about ibotenic acid and muscimol in the amanita muscaria mushroom, or fly agaric including soma, ambrosia, food of the gods. Learn how to microdose, macrodose, prepare, boil, simmer, lemon tek, take a trip dose, forage, store, buy and use amanita muscaria here. In addition, amanita muscaria helps with anxiety and panic attack healing.

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