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After Hurricane Katrina the panic attacks were so bad I had to get on Klonopin. After 5 years I started suffering severe side effects and memory loss. I tried for 5 more years to get off of it. I became suicidal and planned my escape. I went walking in the woods after hard rains and found an amanita muscaria mushroom. After researching it, I learned it was nature's answer to panic and anxiety and many other things. It saved my life and took away my anxiety for the first time in my life. I got off medication and healed. I started a YouTube channel to help others. A few years into fast growth and building a community, YT began removing all content about mushrooms so I built this site.

I use my degrees in education and science, leading experts,  as well as indigenous use and historical records to help disseminate accurate information about this mushroom and its use.  This is my journey. Thank you for coming with me.    All my socials and places online: