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Get Involved

Ways to interact or be involved with Dreamer or this community.


The YouTube channel has information on panic and anxiety, help with mental health, peaceful foraging videos and information on spirit and peace. The comments sections are really wonderful. Jump on in.

We have monthly Zoom meetings over on Patreon. Depending on your level of support, hang out with the group or one on one with Dreamer.

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Grab something handmade by AD or message her on her Etsy store here.

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One of the first things Dreamer did was found a forum for research and information on amanita muscaria with the hope of asking for, cataloging and pushing new science into the mushroom. Find articles, papers, ask questions.  Read posts, make a post, comment and find others like yourself. 

Dreamer leaves new research and articles here along with any new items she is researching. She leaves new hypotheses and ideas she is working on and asks for input here before making these into videos.

It's free, just make sure to verify your email address to begin. No data collection or sharing your info. Period.


Winter Solstice is sold out. Join us in person for the next solstice retreat. You will find details on the retreat page here.

Find your ancestors. Amanita Dreamer created a playlist of drums to find what culture you resonate with most. There's also a trip playlist and a cool 90's playlist among other things.


Live videos are temporarily suspended. Join the monthly LIVE video, always on the second Saturday of the month at 2pm Eastern time zone US. On the Facebook page HERE.