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Do you feel like there is so much more to this earth and life than what you are experiencing?
Does it feel like there's a missing piece to the puzzle that you can't seem to find?
Join the hundreds of thousands of people who have found the missing pieces of their lives, inside the Amanita muscaria mushroom and learned to live their lives like our ancestors did.
Connect with nature, other people, yourself, your peace and safety and ultimately your power.


Amanita muscaria is for anyone who lives with fear or a constant state of discomfort and longing for something better.
  • You feel a calling forward into a place of safety and peace.
  • You know life is supposed to be easier than this.
  • You believe in the power of nature and its untapped wisdom.
  • You can feel the call of something older and wiser.
  • You know you have the potential to give back to the earth and humanity and you want to be thriving in that life.

You Are Looking For

A detailed path forward with step by step guidance.


A safe place to begin  your journey into yourself and inner power.


Actual metrics and ways to assess yourself and your progress.


Instruction on the different methods of using the mushroom and the magic held within.


A trusted and experienced mentor to walk you through the fears you’re holding in your body and in your life from societies' scripts of what's safe and what's not.

We start your path at the very beginning learning what this mushroom is and how to use it. I guide you on methods to find your place with it and how to change as it changes you. I show you what to expect with details on each shift and how to recognize it when it begins to work in your life.

After being on this journey myself for over five years, I’ve learned a few things about the importance of how this mushroom works and what the power is inside us and our ancestors and how to use that power for good.


Amanita Dreamer is an educator on the Amanita muscaria mushroom. When she began in 2019, there was very little information about this mushroom on the internet, and what was available was inaccurate and harmful. She suffered from debilitating panic attacks and anxiety and working to come off high dose pharmaceuticals meant to treat her issues. The use of this mushroom saved her life so she has chosen to devote the rest of her life to helping others learn about the amazing power of this mushroom.

 In these five 2-hour pre-recorded classes we will cover:

Intro to muscaria, how to source, products, preparation, storage, questions,components of muscarias, how people use it, what they use it for, conversion techniques, addressing your fears individually

Early changes, beginning feelings, finding your dose, tweaking your dose, protocols, problems and troubleshooting, anger, sleeplessness and other early issues.

Fear, exhaustion, sleep changes, time distortion, macro-dosing, rituals, rigidity and flow
Love and fear, black and white thinking, clarity, networking, reciprocity, building community

Power, ego, anger, boundaries, elders, wisdom, ancestors, returning to ritual, earth, water, fire, sun. And finally Time Travel

All class questions and answers are here so you can listen in as those who attended live interacted. You will no doubt have some of the same questions they did.


  • A coupon code for a free month's membership in our private MushroomVoice community.

  • A $5 off coupon for the MushroomVoice store with no minimum purchase necessary.

  • A discount code for the Amanita Rituals class. Make sure to look in the description of the first video.

If you have questions about things we discuss in this class you can always bring them to my first Saturday Zoom in the community when you use your free trial. I hope I see you soon.

Once you sign up you will have access to all the videos for 4 weeks with the ability to choose your start date so feel free to take your time and move through it at your own pace.

When taught live, this class was $120. These recordings are $75 with the ability to go at your own pace and access for a full month. Thank you so much for supporting this site and this work. Your purchase keeps the educational videos free for everyone.

With $35 in discounts, that makes this $4 per hour of class. What a bargain :)

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Dosing A. Muscaria And What To Expect

Dosing A. Muscaria And What To Expect

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Due to the nature of this offering, there are no refunds. Let your internal wisdom be your guide to know if this is right for you!

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