Questions People Ask Most

The short answer is no. I can't give personal advice on using mushrooms or any medicines. In the US that is practicing medicine without a license. I can't tell you how to get off of medications and I can't help you dose or deal with medical issues. 
I made the videos on this site being careful to use proper teminology. I made them to help everyone to the best of my ability.

I watched the videos and you don't tell me what dose to take. Why not?

The amanita muscaria mushroom is one of the most highly variable mushrooms on the planet. The amount of actives in one vary considerably. The amount any one person needs vary widely and how much one person needs from one week to the next varies. For this reason, I give how to proceed in finding your dose, in the dosing videos.

 I disagree with how you intrepret some of the data.

That's fine. In my experience so far, those who disagree are not experienced or trained in reading scientific papers. The conclusions they make are easily countered with simple knowledge of basic principles of science or reading data. So far only 2 people have accurately pointed out a mistake or interpretation that I also agreed needed to be changed. This is good! It's how we grow in our understanding. If you would like to discuss data, make sure you are using the most current study on that topic. Make sure you are not isolating a data table out of context. Go to the citations used in the study to make certain they actually back up the claims. Know that most studies done in the 70's and 80's have been disproven. Know also that most of the Japanese studies have not be reproducible.

Do not trust studies written by doctors about poisonings. Read the introductions and conclusions and make sure they are discussing the muscaroids.

Always look to the most recent research and what studies it replaces. The Austin Patent replaces many studies from the 1990's. Currently Psyched Wellness is doing more cutting edge research on conversion and isolation of muscimol and I look forward to their patents and whatever research they release for peer review.

Make sure you have watched all of my videos on conversion for different purposes. In the end it is my take on the data and you are welcome to disagree.

Can you help with anxiety, panic, and mental issues?

Yes! I have many videos on my YouTube channel on mental health. They seem to go over well and the feedback has been good. I have a Let's Have Coffee Series, and I also discuss spiritual issues like The Law of Attraction. Head to the channel and check those out!

I cannot give personal advice, however. 

Do you have transcripts of your  videos?

Yes! And we are adding more every day. Check out the page called

Written Instructions, here.

I feel spiritually called to work with you. Can you call/email me? How can I speak to you?

In the beginning I was available for everyone. But today I am overwhelmed with messages and requests. Many people say they feel called to work with me. I know this is true because I felt that calling from the mushroom to do this work. I could hear the voice of thousands of people crying out from the future asking me to answer. Hi :) It's nice to meet you finally. Today I can't answer everyone or work with people one on one as I rarely even have time for self care and my own family. To help with this need, I started making part of the Patreon, Zoom meetings with the group and at higher tiers, one on one meetings with me. 


 I disagree with how you decarb your ibotenic acid.

Disagreements are good. We are in the very early stages of learning the science on this mushroom. However, the science is clear on ways to decarb. I have created many videos, not just one. There are many ways to use amanita muscaria and different methods of conversion for each use. Watch all the videos, see the science.

When will your store have more items listed?

Thank you for caring! They are labor intensive to make so I try to restock and open in the middle of every month. They tend to sell out in a few days though. To be notified when I am restocking, sign up for emails from me on the home page. :)

I have more questions, do you have a public place where we can talk to you and others who use Amanita?

Yes! In the very beginning of my work online, I wanted a place to gather information for you to use to help each other and for researchers to come to ask questions and get ideas for further research. It is a forum.  The forum belongs to us and will never be censored. I have the ability to moderate it, peeking in each day and always reading where I am tagged. You can ask others questions that I cannot answer for legal reasons. However, MOST questions that people ask, have been answered in videos by me on the home page. I would caution you to trust those before random people, when it comes to the science of harvesting, storing, preparation and dosing. Go to the Forum Here. I don't have time to monitor other forms of groups.

What makes you an expert on this?

That depends on your definition of an expert. I am not a mycologist or researcher. I am not a doctor or historian. So I don't claim to be able to speak on the things that they are experts on and I rely on those experts for advice.

I have a background in science, taught high school science and worked in research labs in college. I feel confident in my interpretation of data but always welcome and often ask for others' interpretation. I seek out lore and original culture's use of the mushroom and seek to learn from them. I experiment on myself.

I am in a unique position as a person with a public platform on this mushroom of having thousands of people give me input, feedback and share their personal experiences. I run my personal experiences through all of these filters.

I report on scientific findings, personal experience, anecdotal information. I leave links to what I find, on the forum, in the descriptions of videos and teach how and what I am doing so others can do it too.

I am an expert on the community of amanita users and an expert communicator, sharer of information and a Grand Central Station of people and information on the Amanita Muscaria.

Have You Ever Used ...?

I have a playlist here called I do entheogens.  I intend to keep trying new things. 

What is your real name? How old are you? Are you married? When is your birthday? Where do you live?

For safety concerns, I do not give that information out. My PO Box is in Ball ground, GA and I live nearby in the north GA mountains.

What are your recipes for the items you make?

See the Items I Make page on this website. I show in videos how I make what I make. I give exact measurements when I can. Sometimes it is in the craft of it, the listening to the herbs and mushroom to know how to change it or what to add or take away. I feel like these videos are plenty for you to work from if you wish to make them yourself.

I need help. Can you help me?