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I need advice and personal help. Can you help me?

 I can't give personal advice on using mushrooms or any medicines, quitting medications, what to take or what's safe. In the US that is practicing medicine without a license. I can't tell you how to get off of medications and I can't help you dose or deal with medical issues. If you want guidance on dosing and making amanita,
I made the videos on this site being careful to use proper teminology. I made them to help everyone to the best of my ability.

Will you be on my Podcast/Channel?

The website for all hiring and booking information is This site (.net) is for those who need the content and information about the mushroom.

I watched the videos and you don't tell me what dose to take. Why not? 

The amanita muscaria mushroom is one of the most highly variable mushrooms on the planet. The amount of actives in one vary considerably. The amount any one person needs vary widely and how much one person needs from one week to the next varies. For this reason, I give how to proceed in finding your dose, in the dosing videos. You can buy the book on Dosing Amanita at

Can you help with anxiety, panic, and mental issues?

I don't personally give advice about these things. The mushroom and how you use it will help you develop your own relationship to it. I have a video on medical self reliance in the start here playlist.

I feel spiritually called to work with you.  How can I speak to you?

In the beginning I was available for everyone. But today I am overwhelmed with messages and requests. Many people say they feel called to work with me.  To help with this need, I set up Zoom meetings as part of my private community.  Please join us here.

Have You Ever Used ...?

I have a playlist here called I do entheogens.  I intend to keep trying new things. 

I don't want to watch all the videos, do you have a book about amanita muscaria and dosing?

I do! It is here Dreamer's Book

What is your real name? How old are you? Are you married? When is your birthday? Where do you live?

For safety concerns, I do not give that information out. My PO Box is in Ball ground, GA and I live in the foothills of the north GA mountains.

I have more questions, do you have a public place where we can talk to you and others who use Amanita?

Yes! We have a community of like minded folks, using entheogens, mostly muscaria and who are on journeys of healing. We have many themed meetings throughout the month. Please join us here.

I can't afford your store or community, can you let
me in for free, do you have coupons, do you have scholarships?

My original intent was to offer everything for free. happened because of censorship on YouTube. To help pay the bills for that site, I made products and to help lower income folks, I also made videos on how to make my products yourself.

As censorship grew and the bills got higher, I created the community to help keep the AmanitaDreamer site and education free.

Then YouTube demonetized my channel.

The store and community pay the bills. People with expendable income pay for the products and services to support sites that are free for those who don't have the funds.

Please utilize those free resources.

Do you have transcripts of your  videos?

Yes! And I am adding more every day. Check out the page called

Written Instructions, here.

Can I use this mushroom while breastfeeding or pregnant?

This falls under practicing medicine without a license and I cannot answer it.  In the US, only doctors can give advice about taking substances, doses, safety and treating conditions. 

What makes you an expert on this?

 I am not a mycologist or researcher. I am not a doctor or historian. So I don't claim to be able to speak on the things that they are experts on and I rely on those experts for advice. When I started my channel in 2019 there was no accurate information on this mushroom. There were a few posts on entheogen forums with bad over dose information. There were a few facebook groups, again with misinformation. I started from the ground up and was the first to use the mushroom, experiment with and make public content regarding use and what I was finding.


I was the first to discuss microdosing, how to make it, how to measure it, how to dose it, that you could smoke it and how, all the varied effects, that ibotenic acid was safe to consume and that it was important and built out the experimental and practical use of this mushroom and all the addictions I believe this mushroom could help with. I was the first to make and sell products with the mushroom in them, to discuss oils and use topically and accurate tincture making, temperatures for drying and accurate reporting of the data from old research.

I was the first to set up classes, do podcasts and write articles for publications speaking openly and publicly that this mushroom was not only safe but highly important medicinally and spiritually.

I have taken on so much hate, abuse and shame from the community for each one of these things until it caught on and the detractors went silent. So I have truly suffered for this work. But I knew it was important.

Many people copy my work, spread knowledge, and now that it has truly caught on, wind up on my page saying I am stealing information from the internet and posting it here as my own so it has come full circle. I coined terms, usage, protocols and experiences. Those are now found all over the internet instead of all the bad information. This is so good!

I have a background in science, taught high school science and  I feel confident in my interpretation of data but always welcome and often ask for others' interpretation. I seek out lore and original culture's use of the mushroom and seek to learn from them. I experiment on myself.

I am in a unique position as a person with a public platform on this mushroom of having thousands of people give me input, feedback and share their personal experiences. I run my personal experiences through all of these filters.

I report on scientific findings, personal experience, anecdotal information. I leave links to what I find, on the forum, in the descriptions of videos and teach how and what I am doing so others can do it too.

I am an expert on the community of amanita users and an expert communicator, sharer of information and a Grand Central Station of people and information on the Amanita Muscaria.

Where is the forum you talk about on your videos?

It was over run pretty quickly with people with not good intentions. Due to differences of opinion on moderating it, the person who built it for me will not allow me to moderate it the way I wish. It is now full of misinformation and negativity. I quit going there or having anything to do with it several years ago. It was made to fill a temporary need for a place for other amanita users to congregate. I 've since built a patreon  that expanded into my own private community at Please join us there.

I go through citations, scholarly research and science about ibotenic acid and muscimol in the amanita muscaria mushroom, or fly agaric including soma, ambrosia, food of the gods. Learn how to microdose, macrodose, prepare, boil, simmer, lemon tek, take a trip dose, forage, store, buy and use amanita muscaria here. In addition, amanita muscaria helps with anxiety and panic attack healing.

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