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Who Should Not Use A. Muscaria?

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

I'm not a doctor, so I'm not telling you what you can or should do. But I'm warning you based on the science that I'm reading, on who shouldn't mess with this stuff. If you are on benzodiazepines you're basically taking more if you use amanita. You'll hear me say not to, but you might reply "but you used amanita to get off benzodiazepines!".

I don't give you details because people might see me as an expert or an authority and then do what I did, and could hurt themselves. I was desperate and had no help, I had to figure it out.

Also, you cannot mix alcohol with this thing because they both use the same neural pathways. Much like not mixing alcohol with benzodiazepines which also means opioid based painkillers are a no no.

Additionally, if you're on something like ambien, for sleep, you really should not take the chance with amanita. Amanita, alcohol, ambien, and benzodiazepines all use the same pathways, so I highly caution against mixing them. I have heard that Lyrica caused some interactions reported as well.

Smoking weed or using it in any capacity, while doesn't seem to have a negative interaction, will cause you to not feel anything that the mushroom can cause you to feel so if feeling the effects are important to you, people are telling me that it took about 6 weeks off cannabis to finally get to feel amanita and its effects.

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