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When Does Amanita Muscaria Grow?

Amanita muscaria grows in late summer to early autumn, from August through October, depending on the region and climate. In the Pacific Northwest of North America, including the states like Washington and Oregon, Amanita muscaria typically grows from late summer to early fall, specifically from August through October. Amanita muscaria is not typically found growing in the spring; its growth is more aligned with the warmer months of late summer and early fall. If mushrooms resembling Amanita muscaria are observed in the spring, they might be a different species. Amanita muscaria does not have direct poisonous look-alikes in terms of its distinct appearance. However, always exercise caution and properly identify any mushroom before consuming or handling it. In California, Amanita muscaria can be found fruiting in some higher elevations during the spring months, depending on local conditions. Amanita persicina, the peach-colored fly agaric, typically fruits in the late fall in the southeastern United States. Amanita persicina can be found fruiting in December and January in Florida and some coastal regions of the southeastern United States. In Alaska, and the northwest parts of Canada, Amanita muscaria can be found fruiting in the spring, typically from May through July, influenced by the cooler climate and specific ecological conditions of the region.

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