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A Microdosing Protocol

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

There's several reasons why someone would want to microdose this. And one of them that I get the most questions about is if you are tapering off of benzodiazepines.

Unfortunately. You have the highest need and you are the one category of person I can help the least because you coming off of something like that or an opiate based painkiller or something that can cause some serious side effects coming off of it. I absolutely can't give you any advice and I can't make any statements publicly about that except to tell you that I did it. Using the Ashton Protocol, you can see my story and the supplements that I took in addition to taking Amanita. In the beginning, when you microdose, you're going to have to find your microdose. So go watch the video on how to find your dose. I have dosing videos on micro dosing and recreational dosing. Watch those to determine what your microdose is. Once you know what your microdose is, realize that it may change over time.

I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. This is the microdosing protocol I use repeatedly and have also listened to others who use it and it seems to also fit for how amanita is used and how our bodies adapt to it. The idea is to start with it but when you can, listen to your own body and make adjustments as you see fit. The main idea is to continue to put more time in between your doses. I want to acknowledge that the Russian protocol is very different, uses dried unconverted mushroom, usually capsules and the dosing is very long. This has shown to be overdosing for most people who speak to me about their experiences here in the US and AU and EU. The heavy ibotenic acid load is usually too much for most people and they wind up having feelings of overdose levels on that protocol. This could be cultural, genetic or many things.

For this purpose, for my purposes here's mine:

So what we will do is on day one of microdosing, you'll take it day one,

day two and day three in the evening a few hours before bedtime. Then wait three days. And at that point you'll go to every three days. So it's three days in a row. Then every three days for three weeks. So it's three, three for three.

After that point, you'll go to every five days for a month. After that, you go

to every ten days. And in case you were wondering what that looks like visually, on a calendar, this would be what it looks like.

And then every three days, every five to every ten. Now, if at any point in there you feel like you need it again, take it. You're not going to ruin anything or mistake anything or mess anything in the process up. But once you have to double up, or take it again, or take it two days in a row, or three days in a row, or just go off your dosing schedule altogether, feel free to start all over again on your dosing schedule. And this is only for micro. If you find you're having to double up or keep taking it more days in a row then consider that maybe your dose is too small.

Once you've made it to every ten days, then you don't have to start all over again. If you need to do something different. If you want a recreational. If you want to take a lot. If you want to macro dose. If you're having some issues and you can't sleep and you need to get

up early so you want to take some just so you sleep better. If you want to try a new product that you're finding that's got Amanita in it. You want to experiment with some of my recipes. It doesn't matter once you were at the every ten days.

When you smoke it smoking, it doesn't seem to work and give you the same effect that the tea does in micro dosing. Every once in a while it's good to macrodose. And what a macro dose is, is it is three to four times your micro dose. And when you micro dose, you shouldn't feel anything. You should feel the absence of anxiety, worry, stress, kind of like you took a shot of alcohol. But it's not that you should feel anything, it's more like medicine. Then a macro dose is sort of a threshold dose where you are actually going to feel a little bit of an effect. I have avideo on finding your dose.

But for sure, this mushroom is the most powerful in the micro and macro doses. While it does have amazing benefits to take large doses recreate or for spiritual or emotional mental healing, which I will always be a proponent of. I have to say that the most profound effects on the humans, the most important way that it can be as a medicine for us is in the micro and macro dose uses long term.

So macro dosing is a way for you to get familiar and more comfortable and

out of the afraid zone.

You do this long term, you slowly are taking less and less of it. The voice of it and the interactions of it grow larger so that the actual medicine is smaller. But once you macro dose, you get to know this mushroom on a completely different level, that makes you more safe, more comfortable.

It increases the speed with which growth and change takes place. It solidifies things that you were struggling with that you no longer want to struggle with. There's lots of reasons to macro dose. Once you've macro dosed enough, you will have reduced your dependence on other things enough that you will have such a strong sense of self and knowing what your inner voice sounds like that all of this self reliance stuff is going to really start to cement.

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