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How To Make SOMA With Amanita Muscaria

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

This article

goes over how to make soma with amanita muscaria. Watch the video called I think soma is yogurt to see my reasoning behind this.

Important notes: the proportions I used are similar to what Kevin was talking about in the fly agaric compendium. I disagreed with the directions he gave when simmering the milk, because I said it would kill the beneficial bacteria in raw milk. He gave me permission to mention this on camera, and he agreed with me. I wanted to point this out just to make sure you don't make that mistake. If you're using the fly agaric compendium for the soma recipe, just make sure to make the tea the way I tell you to and you can pour it into the milk at room temperature without boiling it.

If you're worried about bacterial infection with the raw milk, just be sure you buy it from a trusted source who uses correct clean practices. It's exceedingly rare to get an illness from raw milk, but it is a possibility, so if it makes you nervous, take a teaspoon of it and see how you feel after drinking it.

I'm going to do about 10 parts milk to 1-2 parts amanita tea. I'm also going to mix them in multiple containers in case of contamination. Make sure your milk is sitting at room temperature and that your tea is not still very hot or it will kill the bacteria in the milk. Just let it cool down until you can touch it and its still warm.

We want air to get to it, but we don't want much airflow due to contamination, so what I'm gonna do is get some cloth and place it over the container to keep the air available.

After you've done that, we're gonna leave it for 6 hours then check on it. If you like your yogurt more runny like a drink, that's when it's going to hit that point.

If you can't get access to raw milk, you can get regular yogurt (full fat, no sugar added, and get it as close to natural as possible) and put a small spoonful of it in store-bought milk, and that will inoculate it with the bacteria you need. If it fails then you would need to buy and use a yogurt starter.

This milk I'm using is from a good farm with free roaming cows, hand-milked and grass-fed, so I know it's good and free of any kind of hormones or pesticides.

The milk and amanita mixture should be finished at around 18 hours [9:00 mark in the video]. I'm using a reusable produce bag off the internet to strain this yogurt, so you'll take the yogurt and pour it into the bag and strain it into another container, making sure to squeeze it. This fluid being strained through the bag is what I believe to be soma [you can see my reaction to tasting it at around 12:00 in the video]. The solid left over feels like ricotta cheese and also tastes really sweet! With regular milk this is how they make mozzarella cheese.

At 24 hours the yogurt is going to start thickening up a lot, sort of like mayonnaise.

With this, you're going to have to figure out your dose because this will be different from your regular dose, so experiment with what works for you.

Here's a summary that I've discovered so far: when you do 1 part amanita tea to 10 parts milk, it's a little on the runny side after about 12 hours. When you do 2 parts to 10 parts milk and leave it for 16 hours, it's far thicker. To me they're both the same, so it's just a matter of how strong you want it. And in my opinion, the only difference between 12 hours and 16 hours is that it will just get thicker the longer you leave it.

This dosing won't be the same as when you take your normal amanita tea. When you are running a full conversion in a container like that, you're getting the conversion and almost 100% muscimol. When you take in that tea that you've made, your body will not do 100% conversion. There is so much more muscimol in soma because of the conversion taking place outside of your body, which you then use. Additionally when you're starting a new thing, always titrate your dose. I go over this in the "I do soma" video.

Again, please be careful with soma. You can overdose on this, and it's easy because it tastes so good.

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Hi Amanita dreamer, thank you for your great teachings! Can we use plant milk too?


Volodymyr Havrylov
Volodymyr Havrylov
Jun 30, 2022

Waiting for my soma to get ready. Store bought milk, some youghurt, half the tea made by Dreamer's recipy.


Carlton Parfitt
Carlton Parfitt
Jun 22, 2022

Where' the video

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