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Comparing Amanita and Psilocybin

I was asked in this workshop that I did for the San Francisco Psychedelic Society to compare

Psilocybin and Amanita as far as the trip is concerned. The difference between a Psilocybin trip and an Amanita trip is first I have to tell you that if you think tripping is only what you see in here, then you have misunderstood what tripping is and what all is involved. So if you're just a party seeker and that's all you like are the visual colors you get and the auditory things that you get, and that's the only reason you're doing it, you should just leave Amanita alone. It's really just not going to be for you. But if you understand that tripping is deeply spiritual, deeply transforming and yes, a lot of distortions of reality, then you may enjoy amanita and it may be for you.

I have a video called What Amanita Does for Us and it works from pre birth to age six issues, personal issues.

And then psilocybin has its place with interpersonal relationships and then Ayahuasca has it. Amanita has a very profound reason for being and the trips are completely different than a psilocybin trip. So when you first take eminent, it comes up very slowly. You don't get these huge pushes of energy and then level off, like with psilocybin. And then another push, and then another push and another push, depending on how much you take.

I've taken eight and a half grams and it was a pretty hard come up. I have that video here on the website. Amanita is more of just this slow burn and the very first thing you notice is you just feel this sense of wonder and relaxation and laughter. It's not so much that colors become richer, it's that where you are in space or where things are relative to you start shifting a little bit and then you'll realize that you aren't really aware of what you're touching, where you're sitting or where you're standing. And that when you move, you just seem to sort of glide. And then depending on how much you take, this introductory period can last and depending on how much ibotenic acid you have in there, because if you completely decarb everything, it's going to be a completely different experience and that needs its own video.

And a lot of this experience is because of the mixture between the ibotenic acid and muscimol. And most people get this, so it may stop there and that's plenty of fun if that's all you want to do. I would consider that a macro dose.

If you want to take a heroic dose, whatever your heroic dose is, you will keep pushing past that and keep titrating your dose up. And if you don't understand what I'm talking about, watch the Dosing videos and what you will notice is everything just gets more intense. That shifting gets more intense. You'll start to see realities break off so that you see two realities happening simultaneously. You'll be aware of other versions of yourself living in other realities simultaneously. You can get sort of like this fractal tunnel vision thing where, say you're looking at a candle and that candle can start to duplicate itself down the line and you can be floating in space in relation to the things that you're looking at. You can start to feel like you know how with psilocybin it can feel like everything is breathing with this, you feel like everything is floating and moving and that you're sort of coasting. And then what you'll notice is, instead of with psilocybin, how you'll visually see things that tend to be issues that you're wanting to work on.

Like, you ask it a question with Amanita, it tells you what you need to work on. And what you will start to do is get feelings of things that seem sort of anxiety inducing it, but without the anxiety coming along with it. So for me, my very first time out, I got this

urgent feeling like I needed to be out on the balcony as soon as I got back out there on that deck. Then I just had this strong feeling I needed to get in the house. And when I got in the house, I had this urgent feeling like I needed to get somewhere, do something. And ever since then, I do clean a lot. Less on amanita, more on pantherina. And what I learned about that is the same thing with Alice in Wonderland. The rabbit. I made him late, late for a very important date no time to say hello, goodbye I'm late, I late, late but if you'll notice through the whole thing, he never gets where he's going. He's just always rushing. And I've always said rushing is violence.

I got that from that song. So it teaches you about rushing. And I only think that that's a common experience because modern society is all about the rushing and that includes Louis Carroll's Modern Society from that book. So it tends to be a theme among humans that we need to stop rushing and that can be anxiety inducing. But also it's all about time. And so the time distortion is another big thing. You'll only get minor time distortions on lower doses. But the more that you go up, the more you're going to be very much

in the now, which is what everything does. But more of that comes later. You can get sort of this feeling that you're seeing things in reverse. You'll do something and get a deja vu, except that you'll live it in reverse. And then again a second time in forward motion. That's happened to me a lot. The loops, like the thought loops that you get in and the motion loops that you get in a lot, those upset people. They don't upset me. I don't mind them. I think they're hilarious.

In one of my videos of me doing Amanita, doing the European Amanita, I got an Oatmeal loop. And those loops, again, are dealing with time, repeating time, being stuck in

time, and it makes you question time. Did I actually say that? Am I really stuck? Why can't I just keep moving forward? So it's almost like a video where it's in slow motion or stop motion or frozen or seeing the same scene over and over.

It really messes with time. The more that you take, the more that happens until you start to push the envelope of what your eyes and your brain can handle as far as reality fracturing the time continuum that we live in, in our meat sack. And when you start to push that a little too far, it can be a little overwhelming. And I've noticed when I get to that point where I'm pushing that boundary, my limits is when everything starts to get dark and blippy and

I can't keep my eyes open and everyone goes to sleep almost involuntarily. They don't remember getting there. They don't remember a lot of what happened leading up to that.

Some people can remember what happened. It's like when Psilocybin takes you and you check out, but you go see things and you can experience them and talk about them out loud and you're aware of them. Whether you bring the knowledge back or not, you know that you did. That where Amanita gives you amnesia and you will think you slept. Although when you come to, you know you didn't sleep, you know you were awake. And what you learned there, there's a reason why you can't remember it. And I talk about that in the video, about warnings and whatever need it does for us. When you wake up, different people have different experiences here because it depends on how much you took and it depends on how much ibotenic acid you had. Some people wake up with like this body paralysis and it scares them. It doesn't bother me. It happened to me my first time. I was like, oh, cool. It's like I was the watcher of my body and that was fine. I've had it where I wake up and I feel wide awake, like I want to get up and do something and I can sit up and I'm thirsty and I drink, and then all of a sudden I'm gone again. I've had it where I just got up, but I was still tripping. And those are interesting and fun, but I don't remember anything I did. I cleaned my house a lot, but I don't really know who I am or I'm not really aware of who I am. And what I think is happening at that point is you're working out some really deep childhood stuff and it's during that time it would be best to have a sitter around if possible. You're not really going to do anything because you're mostly just living sort of in this fluid state of lucidity, but not here. Sort of checked out and not really sure where you are, but perfectly able to function. You may fall over some, it's a little bit off, like being a little drunk because of that time distortion thing, but you can handle things and drink or make yourself something and just get down the hall and get back to bed or whatever.

I've cleaned my house like that. But you're blipping in and out of being here and being somewhere else. Being here, being somewhere else and dealing with issues. And sometimes you really don't want to be awake. And I know when I felt monsters around and things that didn't feel good, I was like, well fuck this.

I'll just go back to bed a

nd then boom. It's instant. It's like you can choose to be awake or be asleep. If you're lucky enough to get that. I've gotten all of these states. And then you go back down hard. Whenever you do make your way back to the sleep part, then you sleep sleep. But also a lot of work

is going on in the brain and then usually it's another four to 6 hours. And when you wake up, that's just a whole other thing. And if you want to see my first trip report, I talk about that, what it's like the next day. So I have the simulation video if you want to watch that. It was the best that I could do. And then I have an explanation of the simulation video. So basically just skim through all of the different playlists and see what you want to see. That's relevant. But if all you want to do is hear and see things and talk to the aliens and stuff, you need to go do psilocybin, do your research, watch my videos and see if amanita is something you want to experience. I believe it's highly important and it has its place, especially if a lot of your trauma you can't remember.

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Lets go on a trip at my place. Worst case scenario, my house is clean by morning! 😂


Thed D
Thed D
Nov 24, 2022

I never knew about the Time related things Amanita could bring up. I'm still exploring the subject of Time but it appears to me that the Present is the only moment that has ever existed or will exist, regardless of perceptual delays and the benefits Time-centered reality has provided humans so far.

Years ago a naive but truly heroic dose of psilocybin didn't bring up any insights about this, although it did indeed include a Peak Experience of sorts. Reading and viewing more on your site, thanks. 🙂


Zac Taylor
Zac Taylor
Nov 03, 2022

Fascinating. I've just discovered this mushroom a few months ago and have been doing tons of research on it. I'm a recovered benzodiazepine addict. I've been trying to find a safe and effective way to treat my anxiety, depression and trauma. I feel like this beautiful fungi could help me with some of my issues


Oct 31, 2022

Very interesting.Thank you.


I agree whole heartedly with the "rushing".The pace at which most people live their lives in this culture has so many negative side effects.

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