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Exclusive Rare 

Come to Dreamer's homeland down in the mountains of southern Appalachia and celebrate the summer solstice in a rare lakeside 3 day event!

Thursday June 20- Sunday June 23, 2024


Summer Solstice atThe Lake


to the lake house!

You've seen this lake in many of my videos. I would like to welcome you here, by the lake, to celebrate this wonderful summer solstice by my side.


Be In The Amanita Documentary
I will be interviewing you for the documentary if you would like to be in it.

Image by Kimson Doan


Many of us have learned to keep pulling away to protect ourselves, to find room to heal and find safety. Eventually in our growth we find out that we really are a social species and that we still need each other, smiles, connection and community. But today it's so hard to find others using mushrooms, nature, healing, growing and on this journey. This is why it has been my purpose from the first weeks of using amanita, to create community. The Mushroom Voice showed me this from the very start. Build community. Create connection.

This is a low dose event, not meant for deep work, trauma work or deep healing.This is for lighter work, movement, healing foods, community, sun, and a nordic themed, drum induced, amanita experience in a retreat atmosphere. My vibe for this is remembering summers as a kid when you could play outside, or in water with friends. As adults we still need this!

Why It's Special

It's been three years since I hosted my own event in my home land of Southern Appalachia. I just got so busy with people bringing me all around the world to speak and lead events. I will resume filming the documentary this year. Next year when it opens, my world will change. The ability to host intimate events like this won't be a thing anymore. That's why I wanted to take the time to create this opportunity. I love my small life but I am aware how it can change and I am doing my best to soak it up and hold on to what I can while I can. Once travel begins for the final leg of the documentary, I won't be home again for a long time. I love this land and I want very much to share it with you. I hope you will come celebrate this special 2024 Summer Solstice with me. This is one of those once in a lifetime memorable, take time off work, travel and take lots of pictures, events. It's a chance to be in community, with others of like mind. It's a time to drop out of sight, run away, and play in the sun. It's a chance to be in ritual like our ancestors for the solstice. It is limited to 30 people and presales sold 10 so there are 20 available for the public.

Image by Pascal Bernardon

What's Included?

Your ticket is all inclusive and includes 2-3 meals a day, a bunk bed in a cabin with 8 others, all events, a special gift from Amanita Dreamer plus a copy of her book, book signing, boats, kayaks, the pool, the lake, and entry to both amanita rituals. There's a main lodge where showers and restrooms are, there's 4 cabins with 8 bunks, meals are in the main lodge. All buildings are climate controlled (cause it's hot). This is an event for being in community, around people of like mind, to meet and mingle and make memories. Privacy is found in the forests here. Feel free to nap under a tree. 


Once you've paid, you will be on a mailing list where you get details for travel, what to bring, what to expect, etc. You will get here at your own expense. Fly in to either Atlanta Hartsfield, or Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport. Drive time from either is one hour depending on traffic. Ubers are available. There's parking on site if you rent a car. Location is Red Top Mountain, GA


Featuring Chef Duniesky

From Cuba, our chef, and his assistant and wife, Yudit, will be cooking our vegetarian, gluten free meals. A mix of American traditional, Indian and Cuban, you will find plenty to love and try.

The Large Fine Print


Early bird price: $500

After May 1st: $600

Because of the expenses to rent this facility and all the helpers, chef, food and activities, the refund schedule is firm.

It is as follows:

Full refund until May 15.

75% refund until May 30.

50% refund until June 6.

No refund after June 6.

After June 6th your ticket will become a scholarship for someone else.


GA Laws

Georgia is not a drug friendly state. Cannabis is illegal here.  Do not bring this or any illegal substances to Georgia.  If you need cannabis daily, this is not an event for you. If you need other illegal substances to be regulated, this is not an event for you. If you are actively using alcohol daily, while legal, this is not an event for you.

Anyone on any drug that affects GABA cannot use amanita. Sleep medications like Ambien directly stack with amantia and can cause serious harm. Some cannabis users report having difficulty feeling amanita. This is not an event to begin tapering off anything. I will not help you begin your taper. I cannot give you advice on tapering any medication. 

If you are on psychiatric medications, please do not attend.

Bipolar Disorder, Mania

No one with bipolar issues may attend. Even if you have it under control. Amanita triggers mania in these people. Persons in the past who have had even mild bipolar and lied and attended anyway, 100% of the time had a severe mental illness event. Not I nor anyone associated with this event will be able to support or help you afterward with your destabilization issues.  No matter how mild you feel it is or long it has been since your last manic episode, amanita will trigger it.  You are not an exception. 

 I am not a shaman. I am not a medical professional. I am not a healer. I do not work one on one.   I am an educator and entertainer. You do not want my help with your medical and emotional condition. I am not trained nor qualified to do so. This is a low dose event. There is no follow up meeting after this event.

Thank you for complying with these warnings which is meant to help all of us, especially you.

Summer Solstice With Dreamer

Summer Solstice With Dreamer

Reproducir video

You do not need any prior amanita or psychedelic experience. Beginners are welcome!
Closest Airport is Atlanta and there's a hotel nearby if you don't want to stay here. Ubers are abundant and reliable here.
Click below for all the details.

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