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Brain Health

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Amanita Muscaria & Addictions
Using Psilocybin & Amanita To Heal
Nicotine and Amanita For Brain Health?

Nicotine and Amanita For Brain Health?

Some research on learning and brain health. Links of interest: I know many of us are recovering from damage from medications and for a lot of us that means trying to heal our brains from executive function issues, the reduction in neural connections, the slower speed of working memory and less access to gamma states of being in flow. I have been researching this for years trying to help my brain and today I am making a video on it and linking to this post. I want to leave links for further study and to start discussions on nootropics and your experiences with what you are using or have experimented with. Nicotine's role as a nootropic is gaining momentum. What's fascinating to me is that the nicotinic receptors are actually intended for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. And muscimol stimulates acetylcholine. The connections, what each does, nicotine and ibotenic acid, I don't know. I do know that when my panic was at its worst and my acetylcholine was ramped way up, I craved nicotine more. Is it a balancer, aside from its effects on dopamine. And muscimol also affects dopamine. And while most drugs that affect dopa are by proxy addictive, muscimol doesn't seem to be. Amanita affects learning, awareness, motivation as does nicotine. This mushroom holds many secrets but it alone isn't going to save my brain. So I am leaving here, more places for you to go and hopefully we can help each other. Muscimol also has positive effects on eye sight and as it turns out many of the nootropics also show promise on some blindness and improve eyesight. There's a connection there it seems. But this makes sense when you look at the purpose of the fight or flight response, which I go into in the video. Google Andrew Huberman, he's a leading researcher in neuroplasticity and brain development at Stanford. Nicotine's role in brain health ... 8c0b6a079e ... 2304000630 ... 007-9035-9 Negative effects of too much muscimol While muscimol also increases aceylcholine.... Increasing Acetylcholine Levels in the Hippocampus or Entorhinal Cortex Reverses the Impairing Effects of Septal GABA Receptor Activation on Spontaneous Alternation Leads me to continue to believe muscimol is an adaptogen. Help support this website: BUY ME A CUP OF COFFEE- Monthly Zoom meetings with Patrons: ETSY Store: STICKERS! Lots of mushrooms STICKERS! On Redbubble Get your very own mushroom gear at Bitcoin:1BUVG3jyxyFRpbXpTRBsaFjEzPmDswN5wC BCH bitcoincash:qpaysup7xynpxrvu9n933p964kdcjgyx2urvle0t4a Instagram: #amanitadreamer Our forum and research wiki: Facebook: Amanita Dreamer PO Box 1131 Ball Ground, GA 30107

I go through citations, scholarly research and science about ibotenic acid and muscimol in the amanita muscaria mushroom, or fly agaric including soma, ambrosia, food of the gods. Learn how to microdose, macrodose, prepare, boil, simmer, lemon tek, take a trip dose, forage, store, buy and use amanita muscaria here. In addition, amanita muscaria helps with anxiety and panic attack healing. Watch the videos below and learn all you want! 

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