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I go through citations, scholarly research and science about ibotenic acid and muscimol in the amanita muscaria mushroom, or fly agaric including soma, ambrosia, food of the gods. Learn how to microdose, macrodose, prepare, boil, simmer, lemon tek, take a trip dose, forage, store, buy and use amanita muscaria here. In addition, amanita muscaria helps with anxiety and panic attack healing.



El calendario 2022 ya está lleno y cerrado a nuevas reservas.

La voz del hongo me enseñó que su misión con los humanos es ayudarnos a recordar la ceremonia con el hongo, junto con otros humanos y tambores y hablar con los ancestros. Esta página tiene el calendario e información sobre las ceremonias de amanita. Para organizar una ceremonia, por favor contácteme a través de Si asistirá a una próxima ceremonia o desea asistir, use el calendario aquí para comunicarse con el anfitrión. Mira los videos en la página.  

I spent about a decade studying pre historic cro magnon man and homo sapiens and their history, tools, lives and ceremonies. Then recently, studies on genetics of the Sami people, the genetics of the amanita, theories of the amanita's emergence and talking to researchers etc to put together a picture of what I believe are the ancient ceremonies. The mushroom voice itself is what told me to look into that and to bring that back so that's what I have been doing. This is not a high dose quiet in the dark trip ceremony. It's a rukus. We summon the ancestors and elders, visit the underworld, move dark energy, move love and time travel. There's less intention and inner stillness and more community level work.

My advice is to study prehistory and those primates who preceded us if you want something accurate, not modern shamanism that's been co-opted by white people. I also advise not to culturally appropriate entheogenic culture and ritual. Perhaps learn your own genetics and ancestors and work within that. Mine is 80% nordic and I work within the Viking/nordic ancestry. What I do is a result of past research combined with the past 3 years of study of the amanita and Nordic history and traditions, all brought together in the ceremonies that I do. 

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