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Is Amanita Deadly or Toxic?

So I want to talk to you about what you see on the internet about how this mushroom is deadly/toxic/poisonous/etc. The short answer is that it's not a deadly mushroom.

So this is not a deadly mushroom, but there have been a couple of overdoses or other circumstances where people died out in the cold, or they mixed it with alcohol. There are very few deaths, and they all have other things in the mix which the actual death was attributed to.

Overdoses are cases where people ate 5-6 caps raw, which is stupid, don't do that. That's a LOT of caps.

It has a toxin, but not in the way that people immediately think of. To call it highly toxic is wrong and does a disservice to the complexities of the mushroom medicines that this thing has and all the things it can do. When you call something poisonous, people think that if you take a bite you're gonna start vomiting and get sick, but it's simply not the case. It's traditional ancient medicine to take a bite of one every morning.

I get into ibotenic acid on this channel, and how it can be used, as well as muscimol and what it can be used for.

So how has this mushroom harmed people? They ate the mushroom raw or they ate a dried cap. Don't do that! Is it easy to prepare it? Yes it is. People compare this to psilocibin but the two are incomparable, and I have a video on that. As long as you watch the preparation and dosing videos, if you follow that protocol and titrate up and don't just go big and overdose, you'll be fine. I spent 3 years working my way upward to large doses and I still take it carefully when approaching a new batch of mushrooms from a new area making sure not to just jump into a large amount at once.

Watch the video or read the article on how to find your dose. The poison is in the dose as it is with all medicines, natural or man made.

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