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Welcome, please look at the menu and find your answers. If you are here for medical help or emotional help, I cannot speak to you personally about pharma drugs or natural drugs, your conditions, how to taper, how to use natural drugs, give emotional advice etc. It is practicing medicine without a license and is illegal. Only you can decide how to move forward with natural medicines.

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Requests for mental health help, medication advice, natural alternative medication, any advice, will not be answered. In the US this is practicing medicine without a license and is a serious offense. I am just a woman who survived and now make videos. I am not a doctor, a medical professional or therapist and while I care, it has become extremely emotionally heavy to read these emails and write back that I cannot help you. Please, if you want love and someone to listen, I devote my time for that to my Patrons and work to find time for myself and family as I learn to navigate how my life has changed and the demands for my time weigh on me. Helping anyone is emotional labor and I must meter that carefully. I hope you understand.