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When You Get Nothing From Amanita

There are many reasons that I can find so far why people might not get anything.

If you're trying to trip on it, if you want to get that heroic death experience and you

don't feel anything, at least you know what it is you're looking for. If you are trying to microdose and you don't feel anything, you're not supposed to feel anything on a microdose. See the finding your dose video or article.

But if you admit that you did sleep really well and you had vivid dreams and you felt amazing

the next day, then you did get exactly what you were supposed to get from amanita. If that helps you, cool. If you are macro dosing and all you felt was at peace and relaxed and calm and a little happier and a little detached from life and a little depersonalized and sort of looking at things from a distance and sort of a global view of things and thinking, that's what Amanita does.

If you truly got nothing, these are some of the things you should consider.

people that use cannabis or weed, and I found even if they smoke it once or twice a week, it affects it. So far this is most cannabis users. There are always exceptions and with mushrooms, exceptions are just part of it. I know a few people who use cannabis and still are able to have effects from amanita. But by far, the one common thing reported to me from those who get nothing is cannabis use.

People who don't use cannabis I was able to sort of like troubleshoot a list of things with them to figure out where it all went wrong. And when they fixed the problem, then they were able to respond to using Aamnita. And so I can't be with you to help you work your way through it, but what I can do is sort of help you get an idea of some of the things that you need to be looking at. Possibly one thing is it's actually a thing that you can just by sheer luck of odds, put together a weak batch because they vary so widely in strength. And it has happened to me, I don't know, probably three times now. If you've you've had yours for 9 months or so, they will lose their actives over time. Stored in light or heat will make them lose faster. End of the season amanitas are just weak so in the northern hemisphere by late summer they were harvested last fall, then they will just be weak.

Some people have burned theirs in the oven or for some people who order them and they're not cracker or dry, which is pretty common by the time they're stored and then shipped and then go through different temperature changes and then wind up on your doorstep. Most of the time they need to go back in a dehydrator. A lot of people don't store them properly. And I have videos on storage.

They can lose their actives pretty quickly. If they are not cracker or dry, they can get moldy and the mold can start breaking down the active ingredients.

Some people boil them too long. After about 45 minutes, you start losing active

ingredients over time. They degrade. They are lost to a dehydration reaction. If you know anything about chemistry, you understand you can't just move things in a liquid at high temperatures indefinitely. Loss of product is a thing.

And then the biggest issue, which I don't like to talk about because the danger with this mushroom is taking too much. And I'm always saying, start small, work your way up. But most of the time when I'm troubleshooting with people and they're asking for help because they don't smoke weed, but they're not getting anything out of it, is their dose was too small.

Some medications like antidepressants, GABA drugs and supplements, dopamine boosters, sleep aids can all have an affect.

If you rule all of this out there is finally the whole thing with mushrooms. And amanita is especially like this. A mushroom is going to treat everyone differently, and each person will vary from month to month how they react to it. If you don't have much childhood trauma maybe your GABA, cholinergic and glutamate system is okay.

Finally, even if you don't "feel" anything, the medicine is doing a job. Give it time long term and watch how you feel and change over time. You may not ever get a trip or macro feeling from it. But those who stuck with microdosing it, tell me about the positive changes they experienced.

After these issues, there are still people who just won't ever respond to it. There are people who don't respond to some natural substances that others have large reactions to. This is the nature of our ignorance of the chemistry of these things currently.

If you feel like my work serves you, please buy me a coffee and help me pay the bills around here. I depend on the generosity and kindness of strangers to keep me afloat. Thank you!

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Barbara McCabe
Barbara McCabe
Oct 20, 2023

Hi, I recently purchased several A. muscaria and pantherina products from Mn nice ethnobotanicals. First I tried making the "standard" tea from both. I started at 1/2ml and ended at 15ml. Nothing. I re ordered, this time also getting some gummys he made from his own material. I tried from 1/2 gummy eventually up to 10. Still nothing. I ordered "Somadrops" from a guy in Canada. I tried from 1/2ml all the way up to 10ml. Still nothing. Christian (from Mn nice) says I'm just not sensitive to Ibo/muscamol. I've watched your video on "what if I get nothing". I'm 73, don't do any drugs, not on antidepressants, no alcohol. I don't even know how you cou…


I appreciate you and just wanted to give some feedback about my order. i ordered the salve/cream in a tin and it must have been hot in the postal cart or just warmer than usual this week here in CA. but the product leaked out all over the packaging inside. you might consider taping it to seal it or put it in a small plastic bag individually to prevent it from getting on the other items inside the packaging. just suggestions since we don’t want to spare any of this precious product. thank you for your time and your art and your work. I truly appreciate what you do! Blessings to you!! Gisela

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