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What is Amanita Muscaria?

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

So what we've learned about this mushroom is that it affects your fight or flight system. The system that helps you be calm or puts you in a state of anxiety or full on panic.

This is one of the few natural medicines I've found that are actually very powerful at helping with trauma and anxiety related issues.

After years of trying to get off of benzodiazepines, one high dose of this mushroom completely changed my life and I've been off benzodiazepines for three years. I can't give you medical advice, but I'm doing the best I can in the ways I can legally do it, to help give you information here on this website. So what you will see is a lot of discussions about this mushroom because I am devoted to helping people who are dealing with panic and anxiety, who don't like the alternatives available through modern medicine.

If you are wanting to get started on this thing, it can feel confusing and overwhelming. It's a bit of a complex mushroom, but not incredibly so. If you just go through my videos, I show you the ways to prepare it and dosing information. Or use the articles written here.

People mostly get confused when they want to start taking it apart and get really deep in it and all the ways it can be used.

If you are here for panic and anxiety, watch through the tea dosing videos I have here.

If you're here because you've done other mushrooms and you would like to trip on this one, that's a perfectly valid reason, but tripping is a bit different with this mushroom.

I have videos on recreational use, though I'd call it spiritually and mentally healing.

If you aren't here for tripping and fun, and want to treat panic and anxiety, it is my opinion that in addition to microdosing, a very large dose would be a very good thing to consider.

Hopefully as you watch the videos here on this website you'll understand my opinion on that.

Depending on what healing you're here for, you'll prepare it and consume it in a different way, and I will discuss that in those videos.

Lastly, in the dosing videos and an article here there's one called using both medicines in Amanita or Ibotenic acid and Muscimol or another title denoting the same. I keep changing it because people complain they can't find it. Anything along the lines of both sides of the medicine, finding and using both.

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