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Ways To Consume Amanita muscaria

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

The first and obvious way is going to be making a tea out of it. So if you look in the

playlist tab, probably most of you have already seen that on how to prepare it. And you would use that if you're going to be just trying to microdose and macro dose and recreational dose and all that. So I'm not going to belabor that point. Most of you already know about that. I have a finding your dose post and video.

And then there's people that are making tinctures with it. So for people that are living

in vans and people that are camping and people that are hiking and people that are hiking, they don't have refrigerators or freezers to keep that. Like I've got the ice cubes that you

can make with the tea and stuff like that. And so they needed other ways to be able to store it. So that's why we have the whole idea of tinctures now using vodka. I don't for several reasons.

Oil extractions are good for topical use. Oil extractions are used for pain and sore muscles, nervous tension and joints. This use is taken mostly from indigenous use in Eastern European countries. I make and sell an oil extraction in my store at

Then we have edibles. So like other most things, people want to make edibles with these. But there's a problem because unlike the psilocybin, you can't just eat these things dried and powdered in things if you are sensitive to ibotenic acid or are wanting to not get the high energy states of a lot of ibotenic acid. Also, it has a pretty low melting point or degradation point. So you can't just bake anything like brownies in the oven at 350 F, you'll destroy the actives. So what I've done is I've got a playlist on edibles in videos and you can refer to those for other uses and edibles.

So I have a whole video to answer all of your questions on this channel about smoking it. And I loved it so much that I wound up making smoke blends and I now sell them in my


It was something I just wanted to do out of love and out of just experimentation and it

turned into a whole thing. They sell out really quickly. There is a big difference in effects where smoking it is much more spiritual. Not so much when I microdose for panic, anxiety and depression and intrusive thoughts. And I have found that while I'll talk about the smoke blends, they definitely have a place and why I would smoke it. But I have found that for long term effects of anxiety and all that and getting rid of all of it and microdosing to keep it completely gone. For me, I can only use the tea and I've got a tutorial on just making them in the little ice cubes. So you just throw them in your tea and that's what I do to microdose. But I tried to replace microdosing the tea with smoking it as a microdose and it just didn't work.

So what role does smoking play? The really amazing thing

and part of it I don't know how to explain. It's a completely different spiritual feeling. It's

more of a ritualistic feeling, it's more of a spiritual feeling that I don't know how to explain

to you other than you'll have to just experience it and think. But the way I use it is where I used to just drink some Jager or drink a really good beer at the end of the day. Now I really look forward to using it as incense and this is my incense burner. So for legal reasons, I have to tell you that it is incense. And what I do is about 2 hours before I need to go to bed, I use that and like the tea, you get like a couple of hours of energy. And the same is true with smoking it I get a little bit of energy and I can go for about 2 hours. So what I'll do is things that really take a sharp mind I do all day long, but things like dishes and laundry that I can do without thinking. I wait until I get home and I smoke, I have a lot of energy and I get more work done. I feel highly motivated, very content, whistle while I work and then a couple of hours later I start to feel calm, not exhausted, just very blissful and calm and I lay down and then I fall asleep and I sleep really well and I don't have as much of issues with sweating and stuff like that.

So to me, having the ice cubes and the teas and my smoke blends available all the time, that's how I use them both for micro dosing, recreational dosing, chilling out at the end of the day, the vodka tincture that is so that you can just drop it on your tongue and then go on your Mary. The reason that people use those though, like I said, is because they don't have access to electricity and same is going to be true with the vinegar and the sugar. So those are all for storing it without any refrigeration.

The oil is for topical use, for pain. However, if you dilute it correctly, which I'm going to do, you could also use it orally and I'm going to be using it to make chocolates. And then the edibles that I showed you, I use those for when I'm going to be backpacking because while I keep them in the refrigerator, the fruit roll ups and the gummies and stuff, I keep them in the refrigerator just to extend their shelf life. But they'll easily last a couple of weeks, I think, because they're really densely sugared, so they shouldn't go bad for a while. So what I do is I just grab a handful of them and throw them in my backpack, especially if I'm going to be gone. Those are all of the different ways that I use Amanita.

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5 Kommentare

Alvin Levie
Alvin Levie
26. Okt. 2023

Hi everyone! I found a beautiful Amanita on a hike and I am currently drying it out on low heat to a cracker dry texture. My main goal is to make a smoke mix out of the mushroom and I was wondering if I still need to boil it or at least wash it before it is safe to smoke. I was also wondering if the stem is good to smoke as well or if I should just stick to the cap. Any help is appreciate!

Gefällt mir

Tyler Christian
Tyler Christian
15. Feb. 2023

"and people that are hiking and people that are hiking" <3

Gefällt mir

Loz T
Loz T
01. Nov. 2022

AAghh help I'm still not understanding and been researching your vids for like 10 hours or more. I do have learning difficulties, but I didnt think this majorly.. So I have my muscarias cracker dry from the dehydrator as I understood it, not fresh and dehydrating reduces IBO.. Pls stop me if wrong!! Yup all tore up and mixed up in Mason jars so's I get parts of various dried caps to further stop a strong ibo one. Then was it 15g of dried caps in 250ml of distilled water boil gently for 20 mins.. with or without lemon slice but not as tekking? but then what pls? I presumed I was drinking down the made up to 2…

Gefällt mir
cushion of air
cushion of air
11. Nov. 2022
Antwort an

I believe she say's to take 1 teaspoon of the tea and that for some people 2 tablespoons is the right dose but to start with 1 tea spoon and find your right dose may I ask how your experience went?

Gefällt mir
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