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Using Ibotenic Acid and Muscimol

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

How to dose amanita muscaria with ibotenic acid and muscimol is a conversation we have to have. Full muscimol, full decarb is not the goal. Everyone just assumes that if you take a large dose that you have to do a full decarb, and everyone wants to fully decarb to microdose, but then you end up not fully decarbing. It's not black or white eating it raw with no decarb, or as much decarb as possible. There are important reasons to do no decarb, and in every increment in between up to full decarb.

This mushroom has many different uses, and is incredibly complex, but it has so many effects spiritually, physically, and mentally. Many people think it will kill you and they think it will make you sick (only with high doses, and if you don't use it right).

This is just a simple gradient. Pick what you use it for! Are you just panicked and freaking out? There's a use for that, there's a decarb for that. Do you need it to treat a nervous system disorder? There's a decarb for that. High dosing? There's a decarb for that.

Then there's where you don't know what you need, and you want to leave it up to the mushroom. At that point, you have to pick and choose. Do you want to eat it raw knowing what you're going to get? Or are you doing really well, and don't want to get a full ibotenic acid load, but you just want to see what the mushroom has for you? I've got the answer for that too. Let's say you dry it at heat (that's up to a 30% decarb), and then you want to eat it raw. Or let's say you dry it at heat and you simmer it, that's another 30%. Now you're at around 60%. To me, that is the most important place that you should use it, where you don't know what you need, but you need something and want to listen to the mushroom. Here's what we know; you do not use all of the mushroom in your body when you take it in. We don't know why or all the places in the body that it decarbs yet, but decarboxylation is happening in the gut, in your stomach and intestines. So that means oral ingestion is

extremely important to decarboxylation, which is why I have an issue with the injection experiments which call the mushroom toxic, because no one injects it into their brains to use it. Something very important happens in the gut, which is also why I have a problem with the second study that was recently done where it was injected into the body. They then saw that you got liver damage, and the people are freaking out about that, but there are no oral ingestion studies. It's important because the gut is doing conversion, but it's not all the conversion. We also know that you're converting ibotenic acid to muscimol inbetween every single nerve cell, which means if it enters into one nerve cell, it's going to start deacrbing as the ibotenic acid passes from one nerve cell to the next nerve cell all the way down the line, and by then it could be completely decarbed. So every single line of nerve cells in your body is getting a different amount of decarb in it.

There are no oral studies showing toxicity, and it's my opinion that there's wisdom in the mushroom working with the wisdom in your body. Let's say you make a tea and it's the same batch. You're going to use a different amount of tea from one day to the next, and most especially from one month to the next, or from one batch to the next, because there's a wisdom in how much of the ibotenic acid is working on you, and how much of the muscimol is working on you.

If you're trying this mushroom for the visual experience, you won't get what you're expecting if you fully decarb. The full decarb is the best method if you want the most profound things to happen, but it's going to be a very difficult experience. If some of you have done high dose, full decarb muscimol and you got a different experience, please write about that and talk about that in the community, because there needs to be clarification about what you're going to experience for the full decarb experience. I'm very interested to hear about your own experiences.

In short, I believe we've got it backwards. I believe it's not black and white, I don't believe full decarb gets you much of anything unless there's something extremely important that you need to experience, because it's a very rough experience. I believe you have to be very careful with how much you take. These compounds vary widely in how people react to them. I believe that ibotenic acid isn't as toxic as we're led to believe, and it's dose-dependent.

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Nate Zirkelbach
Nate Zirkelbach
Aug 10, 2022

You're very knowledgeable and have a lot to teach but it gets lost in All the extra words. Although this may possibly work fine in conversation, in written text it leaves too much time for the reader's mind to wonder where the subject matter is. please simplify all texts for better comprehension by the reader.

Signed sincerely, from the mind of an amanita lover


I want the upside of the ibotenic acid. Why should I decarb ?? I don't want much muscimol ...I'm not looking for a "benzo " effect.

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