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The Products I Make

The items I make started out as the single smoke blend, Sweet Dreams. I created it for myself when I wanted something to help me sleep that I wanted to inhale and have it melt into my lungs and into my blood stream. As humans in this time we tend to think that smoking anything means corporate tobacco and smoking is bad. But actually inhaling is just one of the many normal methods of getting nature's medicines into our bodies.

There are items in nature that heal the lungs, open the lungs, expel or loosen mucous and others that need to go more quickly into the blood stream by passing the gastric system and inhaling it is the better way.

My original smoke blend had the amanita but also mullein leaf since it is a healer of lungs but also opens them up making whatever you are layering with it, go further. It was a common herb used by indigenous people to combine with tobacco. I also added passion flower leaves because I was out foraging one day and found a wild passion flower vine that was really large. I harvested a lot of the leaves and added it to the blend and it just fit perfectly. The final piece of the blend was added because I had a friend who had just brought some Blue Lotus back from a trip and told me to smoke some with him. It was really beautiful. I went home and added it to the blend and for me, it just sat perfectly.

I would later interview Herbal Jedi about these herbs.

I wanted to help get off sugar and my occasional need for smoking and also get a boost so I researched these and made an addiction blend with amanita, kudzu root Kanna and mullein.

Later on in the very last FB group I would be in, I was talking to a Russian dude who was telling me about an oil extraction for pain that his grandfather told him about. I got kicked out of the group before we could finish and I never did get the recipe. So I decided to start experimenting. I wound up honing in on the process and making amazing items with muscaria, a bold version that was stronger with a little heat conversion and one with panther caps. These are still my best sellers today even though I have expanded my product offerings. I have videos on how to make these with step by step instructions.

I can't make any claims about how these work or what they do and I can't give dosing. This is a federal law in the US. I hope you visit the store which opens once a month for a few days before everything sells out. I can't make it too far in advance as these items once ground can start to lose effectiveness with a shelf life of about 9 months., please come take a look. To be notified when it opens sign up for the newsletter on the home page of this website you are on currently.

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I absolutely love love love the Muscaroil and Magical Youth. I use the Muscaroil on my lower back for SI joint pain and Magical Youth undereyes and face. My skin feels and looks amazing. I have also been using it on a scar and have noticed it shrinking in appearance over the last 30days. Thank You Amanita Dreamer Gratitude Much Love ! 🤍🙏🍄🫶


Pamela Paolucci
Pamela Paolucci
Oct 22, 2023

Hi AD, I have nerve damage due to spinal compression- my hands are so painful- I ordered muscaroil/ how often should I use?

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