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How To Prepare Amanita Muscaria

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

How to prepare amanita muscaria for use as an entheogen for microdosing and macro

dosing. How to fin

d your dose is in another article here.

Step 1

You will need

15g Amanita muscaria dried (see Where To Buy on this website)

1 cup/250ml of filtered or distilled water

boiling pot


4 containers for storage


Add 15g of mixed dried caps to 1 cup of water and simmer on medium for 20 minutes. Make sure to check it and don't let the water run low. You can also cover it with a lid if you'd like.

When the caps are blonde or have lost their color you know the process has finished.

Strain out the caps with a filter or collander.

Add filtered or distilled water to return the entire amount back to one 1 cup/250ml. This is to average or normalize the solution for more accurate dosing.

Do not add lemon to this mixture, it will go bad faster. If you want to cause more decarboxylation add lemon when you are ready to use it. Add your dose to a tea and add lemon to that.

We say to use mixed caps because an individual cap can be particularly strong or weak but by mixing caps we average out the likelihood of getting a particularly strong or weak dose.

It is not necessary to boil the water. A simmer is fine. The active compounds are so water soluble that in Russia this is done in a cold water extraction. No decarboxylation occurs in a cold water extraction.

Put your tea into 4 separate containers. Keep one in the refrigerator and freeze the other 3 for use later.

If you do leave tea in the refrigerator you

should know that has a 1 to 2 week shelf life.

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