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Making An Amanita Muscaria Oil Extraction

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Using muscaria oil for pain is an age old practice and new research points to ACE receptor involvement. This is an ancient Russian recipe. I sell this oil in my store and it helps to support this site and pay the bills around here!

From what I've heard, this oil can be used for spot treatment and will go into the skin and treat the nerves.

This oil-based tincture is going to be important for pain, such as aches and muscle pains, joint pain and inflammaiton.

I believe drying these mushrooms works best if you dry them upside-down, because it seems in my experience that the actives will all pull to the bottom of the cap when dried upside-down to create these really dark spots in the center where the actives have settled.

So what you'll want to do with each mushroom cap is after it's been dried upside-down, you'll want to use the darker part of the mushroom near the center and pick away the lighter edges. If you bought your mushrooms just pick out the ones that have dark centers. Scrape the gills out of them and then pick off the areas around it that are lighter and easier to remove. Keep the dark centers for the oil.

The ratio goes 100ml extra virgin olive oil to about 10 amanita caps (remember, only the dark parts, and make sure to remove the gills).

Once you've put your desired amount in a tightly sealed glass jar, you'll want to shake it up or mix it around a little each day.

After 6 weeks strain out the mushroom with a very fine metal filter. A coffee filter won't work. Bottle your oil. It will keep for at least a year.

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