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Why And How To Dry Amanita Muscaria

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

The main reason why we dry amanita muscaria is to preserve it. This mushroom LOVES moisture very much. It will soak up any humidity in the air very quickly. Once it does it will mold and rot and the actives will break down faster.

Oven or Dehydrator

Since the purpose is to get them dry, even using a space heater with a fan can dry them out. Ovens are notoriously sketchy and I truly do not advise using one. I encourage you to watch the video I made comparing both using a thermometer. I did this and people write to me with the same story of the oven temperature getting too hot and fluid leaking out of the mushroom. If this happens you have destroyed it. Save the liquid as those are the actives but the mushroom is not usable if that happens.


If you dehydrate below 72C or 165F you won't convert the ibotenic acid to muscimol. If you dry above that temperature you will get UP TO a 30% conversion but no more than that. And that is under perfect conditions. Better to assume less conversion. We don't dry to convert, we dry to preserve but we CAN work with this partial conversion and it's good to know.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Do not rinse your raw mushrooms, simply wipe dirt off and pick off debris.

  2. Remove the stipe

  3. You can put the mushroom face up or face down on the drying rack

  4. Let the dehydrator run for 12 hours and then check on them.

  5. For air drying using heat, or in a room, check on them every 12 hours to make sure they are not degrading. If they are not warm to the touch and are not drying raise the heat or take them to a smaller room or closet where you can rise the heat easier.

  6. Store in a jar with a lid that has a gasket, rubber lining around the rim to keep moisture out. Add silica packets to absorb moisture.

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Dave Pekarek
Dave Pekarek
Oct 19, 2022

Can you please site the research that supports this claim regarding decarboxylation of ibotenic acid to muscimol when dried at 70C? Thanks


Lilian Villalba
Lilian Villalba
Oct 13, 2022

How can I dry them in the oven and avoid having leakage in my flat?


Tomas Andersson
Tomas Andersson
Oct 04, 2022

Will i convert enough with a 70c dehydrator and after that make tea out of them?

Oct 11, 2022
Replying to

AmanitaDreamer herself stated once on Reddit that the conversion will start from around 60 C (Celsius) but is better at 72 C or higher. I doubt that there is happening nothing with lets say 65 to 70 C. Or am I wrong? BTW: 165 F are 73,8889 degree Celsius so: 165 F are ~ 74 C (not 72 C )

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