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Know This Before Using Amanita

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

First are the warnings of the populations who should not take amanita. Anyone with a history of bipolar or schizoaffectve issues should not use amanita. If you are in deep crisis you need supervision to use it higher than macrososing. Medications like anything that affects GABA, choline or glutamate should not take amanita. Do not use amanita with alcohol or opiates.

Start small and work your way up. Always. With microdosing, with macrodosing, with high dosing, this is a slow, step your way up mushroom. The bad results come from people who jump in too fast at too high a dose who were unprepared. This mushroom will intensify your mental health issues. So microdoses make it managable, but the higher you dose, the more deeply you will unearth issues. If you are mentally unstable you should not look to high dose amanita for stability. It can further destabilize you. In Baba Masha's book on microdosing, her polling results show 7% negative results from amanita ranging from physical to mental. About 3% were psychosis related. Positive results overall were in the higher 80% to lower 90% range.

If you have taken a lot of ayahuasca you're going to be dissapointed here. If you have a strong victim mentality you are going to have a bad outcome if you don't prepare well. If you have anger problems, you're going to probably be more angry. Read up to try to help yourself with these things.

You need to throw out what you know about psilocybin, and ayahuasca.

because this is just a completely different spiritual creature.

I tell you micro dose it first. Those of you that are just here to get a quick answer and you just want to use something and get an experience just to get it, well, that's the other thing this mushroom does, a full muscimol dose is not where you start. Prepare your body with microdosing the tea first.

People that are afraid of amanita, don't know what they're afraid of. I'm afraid I'm actually going to die. That the information is wrong on the internet. That's valid, except that you see, people aren't dying. So you know, you're probably not going to die. I'm afraid of it not working, but I'm going to get really sick and throw my guts up and it's going to be a horrible experience. Well, yeah, if you don't make it correctly, the way I show you. So make it correctly. So then what are you afraid of? I don't know. I hear really

bad stories and people say they felt like this sensation all over that they said was just hell, and they couldn't get out of it and they couldn't ask for help. It's nothing magical and mysterious. That is ibotenic acid poisoning. They didn't decarb any of it and they took too much.

This mushroom is the ultimate gatekeeper. This mushroom, if you've listened to my video about the role it plays in our spiritual, emotional and psychological development, I talk about how it's the

entry one, it's the one that starts at the beginning from before birth up to about age six or seven.

All of that root information, any issues, anything that's stored there, it deals with those

things, basically the basis of your personality, the core of your being. So if you didn't start with this mushroom, if you did DMT or aya first and then mushrooms, or mushrooms and then DMT, there's a good chance while it did completely change your worldview, while you did have to decompress, process, figure shit out, there's a good chance there's still something nagging at you. There's some core belief systems that came back. There's things nagging in the back of your head saying you're not done yet. And that would be why the reason that people get such varied experiences, from an amazing, beautiful experience to absolutely nothing to coming out angry afterward, is because this mushroom is the gatekeeper. Because then you have to see that video where I talk

about the role it plays. But those memories are locked up inside your brain, and your brain closes them up and hides them away as your permanent operating system. And you are not supposed to make changes to that hard drive. This mushroom makes changes to that hard drive. Therefore, the hard drive is the gatekeeper to everything you do in your life. And this mushroom is the gatekeeper to everything that you will do within theegians and your spirituality. This mushroom will weed you out, and this mushroom will reflect right back who you are, whether you want to know it or not. If you've got a carefully created sense of self, but you think that you're all peaced out and enlightened this mushroom will yank everything out from under you and go, now what, bitch.

But to some people with very deep thick crafted walls around their core who tend to have lots of rules in their lives and escape with other entheogens that take you out of your body, but they also tend to be high maintenance and just need things to be carefully crafted, this is a lot of core protection which amanita is going to crack.

This is why people have such varied reactions. And what kind of reaction can you expect? Well, I'll tell you. If you have a lot of repressed anger, you're going to be the person that writes to me, blaming me, blaming the mushroom, getting angry, calling me names and then disappearing. A lot of women fall into this category. You're going to be the

person commenting on my channel that I'm full of shit, I don't know what I'm talking about, calling me names and then disappearing. And there's a damn good chance, if you weren't willing to look at your anger yet, that now when you've used this mushroom and you're angry, you've noticed that. Now you can't stop being angry because this mushroom did work. This mushroom is showing you your anger.

If you are a victim, if you were abused, if you did everything you could to be a better person and you just couldn't get a leg up, if life has dealt you a lot of blows, if you tend toward depression turning inward, if you have a victim mentality, this mushroom, after you use it, you're going to be more victimized. You're going to say that you got nothing out of it. You're going to say that you feel like you wasted your money, you wasted your time, you were really hopeful, but it looks like nothing is ever going to help you.

For most people even in these situations, it did something. But because it wasn't an overly visual experience, if you didn't feel high, if you didn't hallucinate, but you went to bed and you slept really well and you felt different the next day, it worked. It chose to work with you the way it knew to work with you, and it did its work while you were sleeping. And then

when you woke up, you felt very strongly, whatever it is in your core, angry, victimized, hopeless and depressed. Well, do you not see yourself saying that a lot in your life? Do you not see interactions from people as they're either going to fuck me over or I'm going to fuck them over? Right? Let me ask you this then, If it did nothing, why are you angry? If it did nothing, why do you feel victimized?

If you feel nothing, then why are you so angry or intent on saying it was a big fuck you. If it really did nothing, you'd be like, well, that sucks. We were warned. I might not get anything out of it.

But after knowing this mushroom, I can tell you with absolute certainty thoughts become things. And it is a whole new way of a medicine to work. And it is showing us something about the brain that we never really knew before that and psilocybin and LSD. That what the fuck is going on? That it knows negative thoughts from positive thoughts. If thoughts are ethereal and they're not actually chemical or structural, how do these drugs know what to fix? Which neuron needs to be eliminated? How can it know that the information stored in that neuron is a negative piece of information versus a positive piece of information? And how can we steer the story? So when you're tripping and you ask a question, it immediately goes to the place where the information is and it immediately starts to bring up the answers. If you say, I need to heal this, you immediately go into that healing. You ask the question and it goes where those thoughts are arising from.

So just because you're aware of what Ayahuasca is doing and you're aware of what Psilocybin is doing, just because you're unaware of what Eamanita is doing doesn't mean it ain't doing it. It means it has the grace to put you to sleep. Because, believe me, you don't want to be around for this. And so then how can thoughts become things? How can you direct it if you're asleep? It is the intention that you go into it with after you take it. It will slowly get more and more and more intense, and you will reach the window where it is

time for you to set your intention. You need to make notes before you do this so that when you're there, you can read those notes and you can talk to this mushroom and tell it where you want to go and the things you want to do. But let me tell you something very important between you and this mushroom. You have the least amount of say because you had no say in what happened to you from pre birth to age six or seven. Therefore, you don't have much of a sense of autonomy and direction.

You were absolutely powerless. And so what happened to you happened to you from a place of powerlessness, as it should be. This mushroom, in its grace goes in as a parent, an authority figure, and it fixes what it knows needs to be corrected

But if you go into this with I bet this won't work I wonder if it's going to work, I wonder if I'm going to get angry, etc It's going to be like, well, you don't really want to get fixed here. You don't really want much of anything. So it'll just go in there and just stir shit up and spit you back out. And then you're going to be a disgruntled customer if you go into it with a victim attitude, this isn't going to work.

Nothing ever works for me. It's listening and it's hearing you say, don't do the work for me. If you go in angry and you're like, people are always trying to fucking do this. Kill or be killed. Beat them up or they get me. The mushroom is going to be like, really? You want a piece of me? You want to do battle? Oh, okay. And it'll leave you a reason to be angry. Do you see what I'm saying? If you're the person always looking for reasons to be upset, seeing how you lose, this mushroom hears you and is going to go to the source of that first.

So go in with trust. Go in knowing this. If you hear nothing else,

hear this. Why the fuck is it so brightly colored? Why is it so prolific all over the world? Why

is there such an iconic mushroom in cave paintings and in artwork throughout time? Why is this mushroom the one chosen for stories and video games? Why is it the most iconic? Because it is your parent, and it is here to reparent you. What the fuck is all this fear if you're afraid of it? You're afraid of your parents, then you're afraid of your mate. You're afraid of your best friends. You're afraid of your government. You're afraid of life. You're afraid to be happy. You're afraid to win. Don't be afraid. This mushroom, and believe me, I have more videos on the Mushroom voice and what it wants us to know. If you're afraid, go watch that video. This mushroom is so fucking happy to work with you. So fucking happy. I would say that it is a recreational mushroom, but only after you've microdosed it and recreationally dosed it and microdosed it after that. And it will tell you when and how you

can recreate with it. Treat this mushroom with the same respect that you would treat the most amazing parent, the most amazing life partner, the most amazing, majestic, beautiful scenery on Earth. I pay the bills with the kindness of people like you. Consider buying me a coffee. Thank you.

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5 Kommentare

08. Nov. 2023

"but you think that you're all peaced out and enlightened this mushroom will yank everything out from under you and go, now what, bitch." 🤣 This is awesome... I want to meet you so bad after reading this. lol

Gefällt mir

Elena Zvonareva Zv
Elena Zvonareva Zv
19. Sept. 2023

I literally cried and still crying after reading this, especially the words about reparenting. I needed these words. I am from Russia. I wish you all guys the best outcome whatever you are doing now.

Gefällt mir

that was a magical read, thank you

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Best Amanita Muscaria Source

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Tristan sievert
Tristan sievert
14. März 2023

Hi there, new subscriber here. I just had this question I’ve held onto a while because I couldn’t find answers, so I am experienced with aminita muscaria mostly micro dose but a few upper doses, anyway I just started this intreat with smoking the mushroom but one thing that’s stopping me is I don’t even have a roughy draft of an idea of how long it’s going to last when and if I do try smoking it.

Gefällt mir
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