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Anatomy of An Amanita Ceremony

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

The Anatomy of an Amanita Ceremony

By Amanita Dreamer

This is not for tripping alone with the tea to heal inner wounds. This is a meeting with the ancestors for the purposes of healing and sending love to stay mentally healthy and do our ancestral work for us and the planet.

I listen to drumming for a bit before starting my ceremony. I have a drum playlist created with different cultural drums here:

After smoking amanita for about 20 minutes, settle in with a drum. I just play until I feel myself starting to trance. I keep smoking and playing.

For a ceremony in your community, play an intro round of drumming just to get everyone settled and get over the hump of being there or being watched and aware of themselves.

When you feel deep enough start asking your body to show you energy that is stuck, dark, painful or needs to be addressed. In a large ceremony, we drum about 3 more songs, getting deeper each time. Vocalizations are high pitched at first, but begin to include lower tones and deeper more throaty vocalizations. On the 3rd round, 4th actual round including the intro, we deal in very dark throaty tones, swaying, growing and going deeper into the underworld.

This part, if alone at home, isn’t counted by songs or rounds, as you just drum until you feel lighter and like you have made peace with your shit. Don’t forget that movement is vital to this work.

When coming out of this, it is time to take a break, smoke more and settle into the love of self. This is where we replace those now empty spaces with forgiveness of self, compassion for self, expand our awareness of our space we occupy here and say to ourselves, the compliments or good things we would say to someone else. Thank yourself for showing up, for participating, for caring. Tell self how amazing you are, how powerful you are, what a gift you are by being here, by serving and by doing this work. Notice your growth, the good you do in your life, in your community, how you grow and learn to listen to what you need to do and how you care for yourself.

Keep smoking. Keep moving.

Next we send love to our inner circle, whomever is influencing us on a daily or weekly basis in person and online. We tell them how grateful we are, we sit in love and gratitude for them, sending them energy for their work and kindness, healing, and positive momentum for their goals.

This is where we can also maybe have compassion for those who hurt us, where we can send understanding and agreement to live peacefully. If forgiveness is possible we send that. Or we send compassion and intention for their peace.

Lastly we send love to the global community or to single places or areas we feel need our love. We send love to the earth and to our earthly living things and family who are sharing planetary space with us.

Inner time travel work is done as a conversation between you and your mushroom elders and the voice. Time travel is not necessary and is not part of a ceremony. I include it to show you how it is done and can be done as a separate event and separate reason for smoking amanita. This part is intended to be personal and done as you see fit. I take you there in the ceremony when I lead it to show you one possibility. The idea is to learn to listen and create your own relationship to the mushroom voice. I created a course on the Real Power of Amanita. It teaches the time travel aspects of this mushroom and is available on the home page of the website.

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