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Videos on the rich folklore and history of Amanita muscaria and its use.

Children's Book Reading
Amanita Alice and Time
The History Of Santa Claus

The History Of Santa Claus

This is the real history of Santa. Website for censored videos and materials http://www.AmanitaDreamer.Net Help support this website: BUY ME A CUP OF COFFEE- Monthly Zoom meetings with Patrons: ETSY Store: STICKERS! Lots of mushrooms STICKERS! On Redbubble Get your very own mushroom gear at Bitcoin:1BUVG3jyxyFRpbXpTRBsaFjEzPmDswN5wC BCH bitcoincash:qpaysup7xynpxrvu9n933p964kdcjgyx2urvle0t4a Instagram: #amanitadreamer Our forum and research wiki: Facebook: Amanita Dreamer PO Box 1131 Ball Ground, GA 30107 BCH bitcoincash:qpaysup7xynpxrvu9n933p964kdcjgyx2urvle0t4a BUY ME A CUP OF COFFEE- Support the channel on Patreon @amanitadreamer Instagram: #amanitadreamer Our forum and research wiki: Facebook: Amanita Dreamer PO Box 11131 Ball Ground, GA 30107 Links and books used for research for this video:,H%C3%B6%C3%B0r%2C%20V%C3%AD%C3%B0arr%2C%20and%20V%C3%A1li. Fly Agaric, A Compendium Santa Claus, Last Of The Wildmen When Santa Was A Shaman
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I go through citations, scholarly research and science about ibotenic acid and muscimol in the amanita muscaria mushroom, or fly agaric including soma, ambrosia, food of the gods. Learn how to microdose, macrodose, prepare, boil, simmer, lemon tek, take a trip dose, forage, store, buy and use amanita muscaria here. In addition, amanita muscaria helps with anxiety and panic attack healing. Watch the videos below and learn all you want! 

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