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Products I Make And Sell With Amanita

Please read below. If you're ready to shop, here's the store.

  • These items are not for tripping. There's not enough actives here to do that. Please watch the first video below.

  • I have trusted vendors on the "where to buy" page to buy mushrooms. If you smoke cannabis you won't get anything from this. I have a video on that.

  • I make items based on research and on ancient use and recipes. Due to laws, I cannot make claims about these items. I have to say they are not meant for human consumption. By law I cannot tell you what items to buy or how to use them.

  • To better understand what they are, please watch the videos here. And if you would like to make them yourself, the videos should be a good guide for you!

  • My store opens once a month and sells out quickly. To be notified when it will open, leave your email on the home page.

Items I Make Tutorials