Products I Make And Sell With Amanita


These items are not for tripping. There's not enough actives here to do that. I have trusted vendors on the "where to buy" page to buy mushrooms. If you smoke cannabis you won't get anything from this. I have a video on that.

Please watch the intro to my items video. I make items based on research and on ancient use and recipes. Due to laws, I cannot make claims about these items. By law I have to say they are not meant for human consumption. By law I cannot tell you what items to buy or how to use them.

To better understand what they are, please watch the videos here. And if you would like to make them yourself, the videos should be a good guide for you!

My Etsy store opens once a month and sells out quickly. To be notified when it will open, leave your email on the home page.

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