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This page lists professionals who work with amanita muscaria as trip shaman, sitters, therapists, healers, doctors, and integration coaches. I hope that it becomes a large repository for world wide practitioners. This page has just started so bear with me as we grow and reach outward to expand the use of this mushroom not just in the home but for professionals everywhere. If you are a practitioner who works with amanita muscaria and wish to be listed here, please attend our zoom meetings for practitioners in my membership community here.


San Francisco

David Samas

is a San Francisco based ceremonial shaman and microdose coach with 22 years experience working with plant medicine. David studied microdosing with both Stamets and Fadiman; trained as a shaman with Michael Harner and as a mediation teacher with Jack Kornfield. In his practice he integrates coaching, shamanism and Relational Gestalt which he studied for 7 years at Esalen. He is a guild certified hypnotherapist and a certified sound healer through Globe Institute in San Francisco. 



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