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Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Hello and welcome to the website! The first thing I want to say as that none of this is about magic mushrooms, none of this is about psilocybin. This is the red mushroom with white dots. Most people think it's a regular magic mushroom, but it's not. It contains the active ingredients ibotenic acid and muscimol, that I am here to teach about. So if you're here from panic and anxiety, or perhaps benzodiazepine use and withdrawal, this is your place. If you're coming here from the addiction side of things like alcohol and smoking, we have info about that as well. If you're coming here because you do want to use entheogens and you've heard of this mushroom, it does have a place in that. I'll have information about all of that in my videos, which are categorized in playlists. Keep in mind this mushroom is legal in almost every country in the world, but some exceptions include Australia or the United Kingdom.

I am science-based, but there is a lot of science that's missing on this mushroom, and it's not that the science in inconclusive or negative, it's just that there has been such little research done on it.

Every time there's new science on it, I report on it, but I also talk about historical ancient use of it. Watch videos or read articles based on your interest or reason for using amanita muscaria. People use it for panic, anxiety, manifesting, healing the self from trauma wounds, depression, creativity, healing the nerves from damage, headaches, pain and many spiritual uses. I hope this web site gives you lots of help. To talk to others using this mushroom, become part of our community at


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Hi Amanita dreamer, thank you for all this amazing information, I just wanted to point out that the fly agaric is legal in the UK, only mushrooms containing psilocybin were made illegal, fly agaric is perfectly legal to pick, posses, eat.. or whatever you want to do with it - lucky for us! 😊

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