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How To Find Your Dose

As you know, there is no one size fits

all dose like you can more closely with psilocybin. You can't do that with this mushroom because the amount of active in one mushroom, mushroom to the next, varies so greatly and so widely. And it has nothing to do with the size of the mushroom or where you harvested the mushroom. The only thing we know is that from the same mycelium, the first ones to fruit are in general going to be stronger than the last ones to fruit in that season. But other than that, that's the only thing that we can actually say about them knowing that. How do you know how to find your dose?

You go by how it feels. So we're going to talk about the microdose, the macro dose and the hero dose. So to find your microdose and if you're going to be microdosing, I have a microdosing protocol here on the website. Look for that. When I teach classes, the number one question I get asked is how do I know when I found a microdose?

I never felt anything. Micro means sub perceptible. You're not supposed

to feel anything, although you actually really do. A lot of people aren't aware of the motivation that you get in a micro dose because you're going to get some ibotinic acid in there. What you're going to feel is that Ibotinic acid kick in and give you this motivation and a sense of well being and sometimes a creative solution to a problem. Or suddenly you'll want to work on something that you've been putting off, get that laundry done, email somebody you've been dreading, organize your workflow, stuff like that. And then you will start to feel calm and at peace and at ease. And you'll want to get in the bed and you'll just feel like a sense of contentment. If you're busy and your mind is scattered, you may miss that and then think that you felt nothing. Although most people say they woke up the next day and they felt amazing.

How do you know if you're taking too little? When you first start out, this is what I suggest. The first time you take it, start out as small as you want to start out. And then the next night, take more than that. Bump it up, whatever the next increment up is. And then the next night, bump it up a little more than that. What are you looking for? What I just described to you is an ideal microdose.

If you get up and everything shifts just a little. If you're sitting there and all of a sudden you see something in your peripheral vision and you're like, wait a minute, did I see that? If you start to think thoughts like if you're sitting there watching something on your phone or you're working or you're having a conversation and then all of a sudden you back out of it, you start to get sort of a global view of the world or of things and go, you know what? It seems to me anxiety is ridiculous. It seems like this construct is why am I getting ready for work? Like, what is work? Why should we be working when really we should be here? When

you get out of your everyday like, oh my God, I got to do the dishes or I need to buy some more coffee. And you start to think about higher level things, that's sort of the beginning of your macro dose.

And then the higher end of your macro dose is where, yes, you will start to see colors differently but not more vividly, but potentially in layers.

They say that this mushroom helps them to sort of integrate parts of themselves or parts of what they feel are outside of themselves, into themselves. Whereas people who do not have schizoaffective disorder, this mushroom helps pull apart pieces of themselves to see potential other timelines they could be living currently or concurrently. I've seen myself in other timelines. It's really fun. So a macro dose is where you really start to feel the beginnings of a hero dose.

To look for beyond a macrodose, Things like feeling the room breathing, making movements. And it feels like your arms are huge and you feel like you're growing and getting larger and expanding because it's dealing with your sense of self, your personal space on the planet, your Ki or Qi energy, your ego. And I have videos on

that and I really hope you go watch the power mushroom and the ego video because it helps us identify the space that we hold on the planet. If we've been depressed or suicidal, that has been shrinking. This helps you experiment with it. So the high end of your macro dose is going to be the beginnings of feeling that sense of largerness and feeling powerful and good about it and feeling this sense of ownership of your space here and your divinity and that you have a right to be here. And then you also may feel this sense of bilocation, like the beginnings of thinking, I feel like I'm not just here, but potentially not just larger, but potentially also over there. Why do I feel a sense that I'm over there and over here? If you're doing any of that, if your vision just shifts and then comes back quickly, like you stepped

out of your body and saw something and then stepped back in your body but it was a blip, these are the beginnings of trip dosing. You're on the very edge of the macro and are on the beginnings of the hero dose.

Sometimes the hero dose and this experience, if you didn't get much ibotinic acid, if you don't have much of the joking loki mischief energy, it can be a much deeper, inner and less outer experience. So what that would be like then is in the micro dose, instead of being outwardly focused, you'll be more inwardly focused. Like, you know what? I want to journal, I want to deal with some work, I want to deal with some emotions. I want to get some things down, maybe sort some things out emotionally. I want to work out some things that are going to make me happy, some goals that I've got for myself. Like, you know what, I really feel like I've done a lot with my life that I'm really happy about and I haven't owned that before. I'm really starting to feel like my place here is one of deserving,

a good thing. I really think that I should start looking into the manifest, into the ownership

of things and some of the negative terminology I use.

Instead of being outwardly focused, it's more global thoughts about yourself and inner things. And then if you're pushing that macro dose, then internally, what that's going to be like is feeling your inner self get larger and feeling like, you know what? I've been selling myself short. I really feel like I deserve that raise. I deserve this promotion. I really feel like I can own starting my own business. I really think I can do it. I can't believe I sold myself short on that. I feel creative. I feel like I really can make these things that I want to make. Oh my God. I really believe that there's a good niche for this. And you start thinking creatively about how to do that and how to reach that goal and how to get there, then the breathing comes from inside you.

A microdose really is just feeling like you've got energy, getting some stuff done, feeling

content, feeling calm. I strongly encourage you to start micro dosing first and then when you

get into the every five days, think about macro dosing from time to time while you're still going through your microdose protocol. You can throw a microdose in there anytime you want and it won't mess with your protocol. But you can't do it too much because

the whole idea of expanding and putting space in between your doses like that is because you do adapt and you need less over time and you don't want to push that. You want the Mushroom to do its job because you eventually want to get off of it and go to that every ten days. Then you can experiment much more with macro dosing and that mushroom voice on board will give you an idea of when it's time for you to macro dose or Herodose and then Hero dosing. I have a lot of videos on that. I have the simulation video. But you're going to know that you are starting your journey for your Hero dose when what I've told you about the end of your macro dose starts to happen. When you can start to feel large and then hold it, when you can control it, when you can start talking

to yourself, to the Mushroom entities, when you can hear the Mushroom voice, when you can ask questions, have conversations with it and use it. I'm going to make videos on preparing for a Hero does what to ask, how to ask it. When time distortion starts to happen to the point where you start and this is once you really get into the heritage, you really will start to not know what time is anymore. You will leave the space time continuum and government time and construct time. You will not be aware anymore of what time it is or that it is evening other than you know it's dark outside or it's daytime outside

so you know that it's daytime. You'll lose a sense of even what calendar day it is like that won't even matter to you. It won't scare you because it won't even matter to you because that is a non idea. And the whole reason that Amanita can help us with panic and anxiety is it teaches us that the source of a lot of our panic and anxiety is time. And it teaches you that when it can pull you out of the time construct, out of calendar time and out of clock time, it shows you who you really are, that you truly are just an entity, a consciousness, and that you truly do have a life outside of that, outside of the construct. And it puts you fully in it and allows you to sit in it and be a fully living, breathing entity and human without a connection to time. And it doesn't scare you or bother you that it will actually feel really comfortable and very eye opening. So we will talk more about tripping, preparing for your trip, and then how to work with the entity and what to expect on a trip and how it's very different from Psilocybin. I hope this helps you.

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James Mueller
James Mueller
Aug 22, 2023

Hello, this is a continuation of my last message.

It has become very difficult to write. My bring is absolutely racing, and I'm beginning to get actual visuals. Items in my field of vision will blink in and out sight. Things are just flipping in and out without any control. I don't know wha's next, but I feel like I will probably need to sit down.

That's all for today. This mushroom is nuts.


James Mueller
James Mueller
Aug 22, 2023

Hello again,

Iv'e been experimenting with amanita and decided to leave another review.

This mushroom is very odd I must say.

The day after my last post (below), I took a double dose of the tea (1 cup of tea made from 15 grams amanita caps). This time, the tiredness hit me very obviously because it onset during midday. I took a nap, and found that not only did I have very vivid dreams, I also woke up feeling rested, even though I hadn't slept very long. I felt so comfortable when I woke up, then I decided to nap a little longer. I fell asleep instantly, and I was able to extend my nap. This is not normal for…


James Mueller
James Mueller
Aug 12, 2023

I tried amanita for the first time last night, so I thought I'd share my experience for what it's worth, and for anyone wondering about the start-to-finish process.

Getting the Mushrooms

I bought dried amanita caps online from Minnesota Nice Botanicals (there is a link to their site in the buying section of this website). They arrived within a week and cost about $20. You can buy larger quantities, but I just wanted to try it out and picked the "most popular" product they had. The package was small enough to fit in my mailbox, and was well sealed, though the caps were not quite cracker dry.

Drying the Mushrooms

I didn't have a need to store these caps long…


After making the tea to microdose do you start with 1 tea spoon or less?

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