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Learning accurate information on research on amanita muscaria, joe rogan, ibotenic acid, muscimol, fly agaric and how to prepare and dose. Is it poison, toxic, how to use, find, forage, store, dry and use.

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How to prepare amanita muscaria. Is it toxic, fly agaric. How to dry, convert, use, dose.

An even to learn how to prepare, how to dose amanita muscaria for soma, to ceremony with amanita muscaria and trip for spiritual awakening.

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Accurate information on dosing amanita muscaria for those who use amanita muscaria to treat anxiety, getting off benzodiazapine withdrawal and who have panic attacks.

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We are all better when we are educated about our healing and medicine. Learn about the fly agaric, amanita muscaria and it's lore, history, use and biology. Can it help with anxiety, panic attacks, getting off benzodiazepines, spiritual concerns, and enlightenment. Can you trip on amanita muscaria, is it a psychedelic? Is it a hallucinogen? 

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I go through citations, scholarly research and science about ibotenic acid and muscimol in the amanita muscaria mushroom, or fly agaric including soma, ambrosia, food of the gods. Learn how to microdose, macrodose, prepare, boil, simmer, lemon tek, take a trip dose, forage, store, buy and use amanita muscaria here. In addition, amanita muscaria helps with anxiety and panic attack healing. Watch the videos below and learn all you want! 

Connecting Dots

As of May 2022, due to overwhelming demand, Amanita Dreamer no longer takes email questions.  If you have questions, please read the FAQ,  here.  She also does Lives on YouTube once a month. You can attend an event.
Requests for mental health help, medication advice, natural alternative medication, any advice, will not be answered. In the US this is practicing medicine without a license and is a serious offense.  Business inquiries are here monitored by an assistant.

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